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Why Having a Travel Agent is a Must

You want to have the most epic, memorable honeymoon ever, right?! That is why having a travel agent plan your honeymoon is a must.  Take out all the guesswork, stress, and time, and let the professionals do what they do best. Here are all the reasons why you won’t regret it: 

You won’t spend hours planning

You’re already spending hours upon hours planning your wedding (unless you have a bomb.com wedding planner), so you probably don’t have the time or energy to plan a honeymoon as well. Gift yourself a stress-free experience planning your honeymoon by hiring a travel agent, versus you spending hours researching the best hotels, cheapest flights, most highly rated restaurants, etc. Plus, it’s just one less thing for you to decide! Or, for you and your future hubs to (possibly) disagree on!

They know things you don’t

Travel agents already know things that you would have to spend time looking up, like:

  • The best places to go at certain times of the year
  • Hotels with the best reviews and guest experience 
  • Hotels in your price range
  • Which flights/airlines to choose
  • How to book transportation from the airport to the hotel 
  • Which type of room is the best for your wants, needs, and budget

A professional will know more than you do and be able to get it planned much quicker. In addition, travel agents have different rates and discounts than you would be able to get on your own – definitely a benefit you want to take advantage of! 

They’ll take care of EVERYTHING

While you’re thinking about every little detail for your wedding (napkins, favors, seating charts – the list goes on!), have someone else be responsible for all the honeymoon details. Travel agents will think of things that you would have forgotten and make sure you are 100% prepared. Furthermore, not only can they book your stay, but your flights and transportation as well. In addition, they can take care of any excursions or on-sight activities you’d like to do – they can even recommend the best ones!

You want an epic honeymoon

The bottom line is, travel agents plan vacations and honeymoons for a living. Which means, they have the experience and expertise to plan the honeymoon of a lifetime. Have the best, most epic honeymoon possible that you will remember for the rest of your life – stress and worry-free! 

The question is, will YOU hire a travel agent? Let us know on our Facebook page, plus tell us where you’re going! And, make sure you’re following us on Instagram for more wedding planning tips and inspiration! See you there! 

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