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Why a Honeymoon is Necessary 

What are you more excited about, your wedding or your honeymoon?! Yes, your answer can be BOTH! But, your honeymoon is not something to be missed. Taking a honeymoon is necessary; which is awesome because it can also be the best adventure of your life! If you’re thinking that it won’t be worth it, we’re here to change your mind. 


Plan a wedding they said. It’ll be fun they said. Sound familiar!? While wedding planning can absolutely be fun, it is also work and can be exhausting. Every spare moment in the year/months leading up to your big day is filled with wedding planning. It can be hard for you and your fiance to find time to do anything else! Hence reason number 1 why honeymoons are necessary – you and your new spouse are tired from all that wedding planning and need time to rest, relax, and recover. Whether that’s lounging on a beach in a tropical destination or taking a staycation somewhere closer to home, honeymooning is important! 

Quality Time

Instead of heading straight back into the hustle and bustle of everyday life, take a honeymoon to actually get to spend some quality time with your spouse! Life can be stressful. Instead of starting out your marriage by going back to work immediately and taking on everything that goes with that, why not start your marriage with uninterrupted time with your new hubby?! Taking a break to bond as husband and wife in the few days or week after your wedding is such a great way to start your marriage. 

New Experiences 

Another great way to kick off your marriage is by doing something new together! Whether it’s going somewhere you’ve never gone, or going on an exciting excursion like zip-lining or scuba diving, doing something new with your partner is the ultimate bonding experience. It will bring the two of you closer and teach you how to depend on and trust in your spouse even further. What you’re willing to do with your spouse may even surprise you! Fear of heights? With the confidence and support of your spouse, you may find yourself skydiving or zip-lining like a pro! How awesome is it knowing you’ve got a partner for life to lean on and help you through your fears?


Traditions exist for a reason!! Your honeymoon will hold a special place in your heart all your life. Wherever you go, it will be a place you’ll want to keep coming back to. It can also start a new tradition for you and your spouse. It could be the start of an anniversary trip to the same destination, or a new one each year! And even if you don’t vacation each year, it’s still a great way to start prioritizing celebrating your marriage and will help you continue to do that each year. Marriage is definitely something to be celebrated!! 

So, now that we’ve convinced you to go on a honeymoon, tell us – where are you going?! 

Okay, one more thing- if you’re not quite ready to plan your honeymoon because you’re still in the depths of planning your wedding, grab our free wedding planning checklist to make sure you don’t miss a thing! 

Why a Honeymoon is Necessary
Why a Honeymoon is Necessary

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