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Who Wears Wedding Corsages and Boutonnieres 

You’ve thought about your wedding flowers, like bouquets, centerpieces, and floral altars, but have you thought about corsages and boutonnieres? These are small (literally) details, but they will make your family and friends feel so special. Speaking of your family and friends, do you know exactly who wears corsages and boutonnieres? If not, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. And even if you think you’ve got it down, double-check this list to make sure you’re not leaving anyone out! 


Ladies first! Make sure you purchase corsages for each of the following: 

  1. Mothers: Most importantly, make sure your mom gets a corsage! This is a simple way to show how much you care about her and how important she is to you. It will also identify her as mother-of-the-bride/groom. 
  2. Stepmothers: Don’t forget a corsage for your stepmother as well! If you’re giving a corsage to your mom and your stepmom, you can choose to do the same for each or slightly different variations that compliment each other well. 
  3. Grandmothers: Make your grandma feel extra special by giving her a corsage to wear on your big day. After all, having a grandparent at your wedding is definitely something to celebrate! 
  4. Flower Girl: How cute will it be to see your flower girl receive her corsage from you?! She will be so excited to walk down the aisle with her new, pretty flowers. 
  5. Female Attendants: If you have any female attendants at your wedding (think ceremony readers and house party members), giving them a corsage is a thoughtful option, but not mandatory. 
  6. Other Close Friends and Family: Ultimately, it’s up to you who gets a corsage! If you have close family or friends who aren’t directly involved in your wedding, but you still want to recognize them in some way, a corsage is a great way to do so! 


Now onto to the fellas! 

  1. Groom: The man of the hour! Your groom should for sure have a boutonniere. It should be unique from any other boutonniere’s to make sure it stands out. 
  2. Groomsmen: Take your groomsmen attire to the next level with coordinating boutonnieres! They should be the same for each groomsman and should complement the grooms’ boutonniere. 
  3. Fathers: Show Dad some love and help him be recognizable as father-of-the-bride/groom. If you’ve never seen your dad cry, prepare yourself for this emotional moment (especially if you’re the bride)!
  4. Stepfathers: Just like with the mothers and stepmothers, don’t forget your stepfathers as well! Again, you can choose to have the same ones for your dad and stepdad or slightly different ones for each. 
  5. Ring Bearer: If you’re having a ring bearer, take the cute factor up a notch by giving him a boutonniere to wear. He’ll look just like a mini groomsman! 
  6. Ushers: Your ushers need boutonnieres as well! This helps them stand out and be recognizable to guests looking for seating. You could choose to have them wear smaller or slightly different boutonnieres than the groomsmen. 
  7. Other close friends and family: Just like with corsages, who wears boutonnieres at your wedding is completely up to you! There’s no rule that says only wedding party members or immediate family members can wear boutonnieres- you get to choose! 

Now that you know who wears corsages and boutonnieres, there’s one more thing that you cannot forget: give your corsages and boutonnieres to the recipient in person in front of your photographer! Especially when giving them to your parents and grandparents; the photos will be memories that you cherish for a lifetime. 

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