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Where to Hold the Rehearsal Dinner

When it comes to where to hold the rehearsal dinner, there are so many options out there. But, you want to make sure the rehearsal dinner does not overshadow the wedding reception dinner in any way. From traditional venues to unique and fun venues, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite options. 


  1. Restaurant – Restaurants are a super popular choice for hosting a rehearsal dinner. It’s easy to see why; restaurants provide the food, drinks, dessert, tables, chairs, linens, plates, flatware – everything! This makes it stress-free and easy for the host. The only thing they may need to provide is any decor or personal touches they want to add. We love the idea of having the rehearsal dinner at the restaurant where you had your first date, or where you always go for your dating anniversary, or even where you got engaged!
  2. Home – Holding the rehearsal dinner at someone’s home is also a great option. Especially if the weather is nice and you can have dinner outside. Think string lights, picnic tables, and a refreshing beverage – perrrrfect! Also, the price could be much lower in comparison to a venue. However, keep in mind that you or the host will be responsible for providing everything. And that doesn’t mean just calling in a catering company for food and drinks, you also have to think about tables, chairs, plates, flatware, etc. 
  3. Hotel – If you have a lot of guests staying at a particular hotel, this could be a great option, especially because you typically want to invite any out-of-town guests to the rehearsal dinner. A bonus is that the hotel will likely have tables, chairs, flatware, and dinnerware that you can use. If the hotel has a restaurant, they will probably be able to cater it as well. You could choose to have dinner in the restaurant or in one of their special event rooms. 


  1. Winery or Vineyard – If you live somewhere close (or the wedding venue is located somewhere close) to a vineyard or winery, why not have the rehearsal dinner there?! Start off with a tour of the facility and a wine tasting, and then move on to dinner. This is a fun and classy alternative to a traditional dinner, and it offers other activities besides just eating together. 
  2. Boat Cruise – Okay, we are loving this idea! If you live near the water, consider a boat cruise for your rehearsal dinner! It’s an option that your guests likely haven’t experienced for a rehearsal dinner, and if you find the right company they will likely take care of everything for you and have packages you can choose from. Spend the night before “I do” sipping champagne on a boat at sunset – so dreamy! 
  3. Brewery – Similar to a rehearsal dinner at a winery, you could start off your rehearsal dinner at a brewery with a tour and tasting of all the beers, but with a more casual feel than a winery. This is perfect if you and your future hubby are craft beer lovers! And it’s a great way for your guests to try local favorites that you may not be serving at the wedding. Some breweries are attached to a restaurant where you could have the dinner portion of the evening. If not, ask the brewery if they offer any catering options or if you could bring in outside vendors for the dinner. 

Whether you choose a traditional or non-traditional venue for your rehearsal dinner, you really can’t go wrong. Just remember to make it completely different from your wedding so that your guests don’t get the same experience twice. 

Let us know which one of these wedding rehearsal dinner ideas is your favorite! And for more wedding planning advice and inspiration, come hang out with us on our Facebook page!   

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