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Wedding Reception Playlist You’ll Want To Dance To

If you’re hiring a DJ, you’ll also need to create a playlist for your wedding reception. Sure, your DJ will be able to recommend the top wedding songs, but you also want the music to reflect you and your fiancé. If you want to know how to create your playlist, and what should be on it, this post is for you. 

How To Create Your Wedding Reception Playlist

There are 3 different ways you can go about creating your playlist. First, and most obvious, sit down with your fiancé and create a list both of you love. This night is first and foremost for the two of you, so the music should be songs you love and enjoy! You should also consult your fiancé about the music you don’t want to be played at your reception. Make a “do-not-play” list so you can be sure your DJ doesn’t play any music you hate, or find inappropriate, regardless of guests’ requests. 

Another way to find music to add to your playlist is to take requests from your guests! Not at the reception, although that will likely happen too, but beforehand. A popular option is to add a “Song Request” line on the RSVP card. Or, you could have a section for people to recommend songs or genres on your wedding website. This way, you’ll be assured that not only are you playing songs you like but that your guests will love also! But, don’t be afraid to nix any requests that you don’t want to be played. Again- your night! 

The third option is to recruit your wedding party. Ask both the bridesmaids and groomsmen to come up with a list of songs they’d love to hear at your wedding. The wedding party generally does most of the dancing, and they’re responsible for setting the tone of getting guests out on the dance floor. Playing music they want to dance to will definitely help with this! You could also host a girls/guys night where the bridesmaids/groomsmen come over to have some drinks and plan your playlist. A perfect excuse to spend more time with your wedding party! 

What Your Playlist Should Look Like

Now, let’s talk about what your playlist should actually look like. The most important thing is to have enough songs to last your entire reception. Let’s say your reception is from 5-10pm. You should have at least 5 hours of music, plus an extra hour, just in case. This will definitely take a good amount of time to plan, but it’s better than having your DJ have to guess what you want when the music runs out. 

Next, you want to have a good mix of both fast and slow songs. You may think that people don’t want to hear slow songs, but we beg to differ. People will get tired after all the drinking and dancing, and a slow song is a perfect time for them to take a break. 

Lastly, make sure you switch up the genres. Personally, we could dance the entire night to Whitney Houston (and IIIIIIIIII will always love YOUUUUUUU!), but your guests may not feel the same way. Add a little bit of pop, country (great for slow, romantic songs), oldies, and rock and roll to keep your guests dancing and happy! This will ensure that there’s a song for everyone, from the flower girl to your great grandmother. 

Have fun with creating your playlist! Make sure both you and your fiancé are happy with it, but also consider what your guests will want. Weddings are so much fun, and the music and dancing play a huge part in that! Most of all, remember to get out on the dance floor yourself. Your guests will get on the dance floor if you and your new spouse are out there tearing it up!

Wedding Reception Playlist You'll Want To Dance To
Wedding Reception Playlist You’ll Want To Dance To

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