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Wedding Night Getaway Car

Have you thought about what your getaway car will be on your wedding night? If not, don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is a common oversight when wedding planning. Sure, you’ve figured out transportation to and from the ceremony and the reception for your wedding party and guests, but don’t forget about how you and your new spouse will get to your hotel (or wherever you’re staying)! This will likely be the first moment the two of you will be alone together; Here’s some getaway car ideas that will make it super special! 

1. Stretch Limousine 

A classic getaway car for the classic couple. A stretch limo is the perfect getaway car for formal or black tie weddings. There are a ton of benefits to choosing a limo: it will likely come with a driver, you can have champagne chilling for the ride back to your hotel and there’s plenty of room for a big, cinderella ball gown dress to fit. Pro tip: you will be exhausted and the two of you will be able to stretch out and take a little cat nap! 

2. Vintage Car

Swoon. Vintage cars are so gorgeous and such a pretty prop for photos! This option would be perfect for an old Hollywood glam wedding. Think red lipstick, birdcage veil, retro pin curls, and a vintage car! Just remember you may not be able to decorate the car with a “Just Married” sign or tin cans dragging behind. But, with a car so beautiful, why would you want to?!

3. Horse and Carriage 

So this option clearly isn’t a getaway “car” but it would be such a fun option for a country wedding! This is for all the brides that wear their cowboy boots under their wedding dress and are getting married at a casual, outdoor venue- aka the ever popular barn weddings! There are two things to keep in mind when choosing this option. One, definitely consult with your wedding venue to make sure they allow it. Two, schedule or figure out another mode of transportation to actually get you to your hotel. The horse and carriage is really just for show and will probably only take you as far as around the corner, out of sight from your guests. 

4. Motorcycle and Side Car

Okay, we LOVE this option! How fun and different! If your future hubby also happens to have his motorcycle license, this is the option for you. Think a very hipster, minimalist wedding to go with this getaway car option. It’s also the perfect excuse to personalize a leather jacket with “Just Married” or “Mrs. ________” on the back! Alllllll the heart eyes! 

You can’t go wrong with any of these options, so pick the one that fits you and your future spouse the best! Think about your overall wedding style and budget, and narrow it down from there. Just don’t put it off until the last minute or you could be driving yourself to your honeymoon! So, what will you choose for your wedding night getaway car?!

Wedding Night Getaway Car | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
Wedding Night Getaway Car | Texoma Bride Guide Blog