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Wedding Hair Don’ts

When it comes to wedding planning, there are so many different things to plan and choose. The most important decisions are the ones that directly affect how you will feel on your big day. Things like your wedding gown, your make up, and your hair style. You know how having a good hair day can instantly change your mood? Your wedding hair should be that times ten. While there are steps you can take to make sure that happens, there are also some wedding hair don’ts that you definitely want to avoid. 

First and foremost, do not, WE REPEAT, do not change your hair style or color right before you get married. You will hate it. We promise. Stick to what you know and the look that is classically you. 

Be sure you don’t book your trial run with your hair stylist too far in advance. You’ll want to already have your dress, shoes, and accessories picked out so you can make sure your hair style matches the entire look. If you are wearing a veil or hairpiece, don’t forget to bring that to your trial! Before the trial, make sure to look for inspiration photos and bring them with you! Don’t limit yourself with just one photo. Instead, bring lots of photos so your stylist gets a better overall picture of who you are and what your vision is for your wedding day.

On your wedding day, do not have unrealistic expectations. You know what kind of hair you have and what it can or cannot do. If you know you have thin hair, don’t expect your stylist to wave her magic hair wand and transform your hair into think, voluminous curls. (But do consider getting extensions if that’s important to you!) 

Another big don’t for you wedding day: don’t forget to plan a “getting-ready” outfit! You need to wear something with closure in the front so that you don’t mess up your hair when changing. For example, a robe or a men’s button up shirt. It’s also worth noting that while your mom, sister, or bridesmaids probably have the best of intentions, what they want your hair to look like doesn’t matter. Don’t get caught up in trying to please everyone. Stick to the hairstyle that you and your stylist decided on to avoid any regrets afterwards.

When it’s time to plan your wedding hair style, avoid these wedding hair don’ts and get ready for the best hair day of your life!