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Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love AND Use

Do you know how you’re going to thank all of your guests for coming to your wedding? Sure, you’ll write thank you notes for all the gifts you receive, but you’ll still want to thank them just for attending. Hence, wedding favors! While favors aren’t absolutely necessary, we think they’re a great way to give your guests a small token of your appreciation. Here are some of our favorite wedding favors your guests will both love and use. 


First and most popularly, koozies! Because really, who doesn’t love a new koozie?! These favors have endless opportunities for customization: print your wedding date, monogram, or favorite saying on the koozie, along with choosing colors that coordinate with your wedding colors! Koozies are also super practical. Set them up at the bar so your guests can use them on your wedding night. Plus, every time they use it afterward, they will think of you and your spouse! 

Coffee Beans

Are you and your future spouse coffee lovers? Why not use coffee beans as favors?! Coffee is very popular and trendy, so it’s safe to safe your guests will love these favors, especially the morning after a long night of dancing! Place them in a bag or tin with a cute saying attached. Some of our favorite sayings are: 

  1. “Love is brewing”
  2. “The perfect blend”
  3. “Thank you for bean here” 


If you’re having an outdoor wedding in warm weather, fans are favors that your guests will definitely use! And, they’re super cute! There are so many ways to personalize fans, with your monogram and wedding date, a photo of the bride and groom, using your wedding colors, or even printing the wedding program on the fan! Display them at the entrance to the ceremony or place a fan at each seat. 

Hangover Kit

A hangover kit is another favor that is extremely practical, especially if you’re going to have an open bar at your wedding. You can order pre-made hangover kits online or create your own. If you do choose the DIY route, here are some suggestions for what to include: 

  1. Headache medicine
  2. Mini water bottle 
  3. Mints or gum
  4. Makeup remover wipes
  5. Snacks (think granola bars, mini bags of goldfish, potato chips, etc.)
  6. Liquor mini’s – just in case they need a little hair of the dog! 

Plant or Seeds

We love the idea of small potted plants or a bag of seeds as a wedding favor, along with a tag saying, “Let love grow!” If you choose the plant option, you’ll get to pick out cute pots for the plants! You could choose one design or several, and then let guests pick their favorite! Although we always love a good monogram, we suggest not personalizing the pots, as your guests will be more likely to use them in their homes without personalization. 

Midnight Snack

Okay, so, if we could choose a wedding favor, we’d pick this one! Send your guests on their way with a sweet midnight snack. Choose a cute baggie or to-go container and fill it with cookies, donuts, candy, or macaroons. Display these on the dessert table or next to the exit. Trust us, your guests will love you when they get a late-night craving for sweets and then remember their wedding favor! If you want to go even more above and beyond, add in to-go popcorn bags for those guests who prefer salty over sweet!

Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags are the perfect favors for destination or travel themed weddings. These are also practical favors that your guests will use. Again, we recommend not personalizing these so your guests will be more likely to use them beyond your wedding weekend. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use a cute saying on the luggage tags! “And so the adventure begins” and “Bon Voyage” are two of our favorites. We also love the idea of displaying the luggage tags in a vintage suitcase with a sign saying something like “Thank you for traveling to our wedding” or “Love is a journey.” 

Remember that although wedding favors aren’t a must, they are a really nice way to thank your guests. After all, your guests put a lot of effort and time into attending your wedding! They will definitely appreciate the gesture. 

So, which of these favors will you be giving out at your wedding? Come hang out with us on our facebook page and facebook group and let us know!

Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love AND Use
Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love AND Use

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