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Wedding Details Photo Ideas

Here at Texoma Bride Guide, we LOVE the pretty wedding details shots that photographers take of your wedding! And, we want you to be able to get those same shots for your wedding! We’ve compiled a list of wedding details photo ideas that we love to make your photos as gorgeous as possible and something you’ll want to look back on for years to come. All of these options are low cost ways to up your wedding photo game. You can also check with your photographer to see if they bring any of these items, and then purchase whatever they don’t have. Without further ado, here’s the list of our faves: 

Hanger for Wedding Dress

You HAVE to have a shot of your wedding dress before you actually put it on! Your photographer will be sure to get this shot, but adding a beautiful hanger to hang it from is a necessity. Your dress deserves more than a wire or plastic hanger!! There are tons of options out there, from pretty velvet or gold hangers to personalized hangers with your new last name. If you happen to be reading this and your wedding is days away, another option is always to find somewhere pretty to hang your wedding dress from at your venue.

Ring box

Okay, this is one of our most favorite details! Get online right this moment and get yourself a velvet ring box to use in your photos! (Remember, check with your photographer to see if they have one you like!) You can purchase one in your wedding colors and even with your new initial on the box. 

Besides the velvet option, there are some really cool options like gold rimmed, clear boxes or wooden boxes. You could even do a wooden slab/stump for a rustic or woodsy vibe! Again, you can personalize all of these options with your names, initials, monogram, or wedding date- the options are endless! 

Ring Tray

A fun alternative to a ring box is a ring tray. These are great because not only are they pretty, but they will be something you’ll use everyday to hold your precious diamonds. You can personalize these as well, or do something fun and wedding themed like “Mr. and Mrs.” or “Best Day Ever!” Perfect for the couple who wants to purchase items they can continue to use well after the wedding day. 

Extra Invitation Suite

Invitations are so much fun to design! But, ultimately, they get thrown in the trash. Make your invitation suite last so much longer with a beautiful flat lay photo of them! Invitations can get expensive, especially when you have large guest list, and having gorgeous photos of them that will last for years makes the price worth it. Just don’t forget to order plenty of extras to use in case one or two get lost in the mail, and to use for photos! 

Vow Books

Vow Books make for such a sweet, pretty picture. And, you guessed it, you can personalize them! These also make for a great keepsake and are much more practical than writing your vows on your phone, notecards, or worse, a random piece of paper. Even if you aren’t writing your own vows, you can use them to write love letters to each other that you can read right before the ceremony. 

Perfume Bottle

The perfume you wear on your wedding day is probably special to you, or maybe even a gift from your fiancé. A photo helps you remember exactly what perfume you wore on your big day when you look back at your photos 50 years down the road. Perfume bottles can really pull a photo together, and instantly give it a feminine and classy feel. 


You need a photo of all the accessories you spent so much time picking out! Not only once you’re dressed and ready, but also before you are actually wearing them! This includes your jewelry, garter, shoes, and any hair accessories. Especially your shoes- if you’re wearing a long dress, a photo could be the only time they are featured since your dress will likely cover them up. You could also have your photographer photograph other things, like if you have a pretty handheld mirror, hairbrush, compact, etc. 


Last but definitely not least on our list- tableware! Think pretty dishes, tablecloths, glasses, champagne flutes, place cards, the list goes on! Your reception tables are going to look amazing, but they won’t be empty for long! Make sure your photographer documents your tablescapes before all the guests arrive.  

Your wedding photos are one of the most important parts of your wedding. They’re also one of the only things that will last longer than one day. Make sure you get the exact shots you want by being prepared and going over your expectations with your photographer. These wedding details photo ideas are simple ways to make sure you love your wedding photos- get to purchasing!