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Wedding Day Expectations vs. Reality

The best day of your life is finally here- your wedding day! You have imagined this day a million times in your head. Everything will be perfect: getting ready with your best friends, marrying the love of your life, champagne toasts, the perfect meal, dancing the night away, and a sparkling exit to spend the night with your new husband. And then reality hits. Inevitably, things won’t go exactly as planned. But, we’ve got you covered with common wedding day expectations vs. reality.

The Night Before

EXPECTATION: You’ll go to bed early before the most important day of your life. You’ll get a full 8 hours of sleep before waking up rested and ready to get married!

REALITY: You can’t sleep! Where did this insomnia come from?! It’s normal to be so excited that it’s difficult to fall asleep the night before your wedding. Also, don’t be surprised if you wake up super early and super anxious to get the day started.

The Morning of Your Wedding

EXPECTATION: The only thing you have on your to-do list is: get pampered.

REALITY: Oh my gosh! You forgot to ______! Don’t panic. If there are last minute things you didn’t think of, enlist help from a bridesmaid that doesn’t take long to get ready, or a sibling or in-law who doesn’t have much to do. Pro Tip: Don’t forget to tip your vendors! Put your tip money in separate envelopes for each vendor, label the envelopes, and put a bridesmaid or groomsman in charge of getting the tips to each vendor. See more commonly forgotten wedding costs here.

Hair and Make-Up

EXPECTATION: Your hair and make up artists will know exactly how to make you look like a Victoria’s Secret Model.

REALITY: You hate your hair. And your make-up. SPEAK UP! Kindly let your hair and make-up artists know what you like and what you don’t like. They will work with you to make sure you are more than happy with the way you look. Pro tip: Book a trial! A trial run with your hair and makeup artists will put your nerves at ease, and allow to the vendors to make sure they have exactly what they need and the correct amount of time to deliver awesome results.


EXPECTATION: Your bridesmaids will be super helpful and cater to your every need.

REALITY: Your bridesmaids love you and care about you, but they are worried about their own dress/hair/makeup. They may even have a drink or 2 too many. Before your wedding day, make sure your maid of honor knows what you need help with and is committed to making the day run smoothly.


EXPECTATION: All of your vendors will be on time or early. You will not be late for your own wedding.

REALITY: Have you ever been to a wedding that starts on time?! Don’t stress if you’re running a few minutes late. You should expect your vendors to be on time, but don’t freak out if they’re a couple minutes late. Relax and try to enjoy getting ready for your wedding day with the people you love the most.


EXPECTATION: You won’t be nervous at all, you got this!

REALITY: You do “got this” but you WILL be nervous! It’s totally normal. This is one of the biggest days of  your life, of course you’ll be nervous, anxious, and excited. Expect to get emotional, even at times that you didn’t think you would be.


EXPECTATION: Your ceremony will be the main part of your wedding.

REALITY: Your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding, but it is also the shortest. Many ceremonies only last about 15 or 20 minutes.

The Groom

EXPECTATION: Your groom will be full of love and emotion. He will cry as you walk down the aisle. He will profess to you the sweetest vows in front of all your family and friends.

REALITY: Your groom will be nervous! He may try and hold his emotions in and stop the tears from flowing. But, you know that he loves you. He is choosing to spend the rest of his life with you! HE proposed to YOU! Don’t get upset if he doesn’t react exactly the way you were hoping. Focus on the fact that you’re the love of his life.


EXPECTATION: You will have the best meal of your life at your wedding!

REALITY: You will have no time to eat at your wedding. Pro Tip: Put your maid of honor in charge of getting dinner for you and your new husband and making sure you’re able to sit down and actually eat.

Your First Night as Husband and Wife

EXPECTATION: You will DEFINITELY consummate your marriage on the night of the wedding.

REALITY: You and your new husband will be way too exhausted to do anything but SLEEP.

Remember that it’s okay to have expectations for your wedding day, but don’t let those expectations control your happiness. If something doesn’t go as planned, the likelihood is that you’ll be the only one who notices. Don’t get caught up in all the little details; focus on your new husband!

Wedding Day: Expectations vs Reality | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
Wedding Day: Expectations vs Reality | Texoma Bride Guide Blog

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