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Wedding Budget Guide for Texoma Brides

If you’re getting married in the Texoma area, this post is the FIRST thing you should read before diving into wedding planning! We’ve put together a comprehensive guide for your entire wedding budget. These numbers are based on the Texoma area specifically, so you’ll know exactly what to plan on spending on each item. Plus, we’ve included our thoughts on where you can cut costs and what you should splurge on. Let the fun begin!

Under $500

  • Hair & makeup $118
  • Tuxedo $145
  • Officiant $200
  • Favors $215
  • Invitations $339
  • Cake $390
  • Groom’s ring $416
  • Limo/transportation $459

Where to skimp: Favors or invitations: these two items usually end up in the trash, anyways! Your guests don’t expect favors (and probably won’t even notice you don’t have any) and you can buy beautiful invitations that are still budget-friendly. 

Where to splurge: Hair & makeup: this is the time to splurge on yourself! Your hair and makeup, and feeling your best, is never more important than on your wedding day. 


  • Rehearsal Dinner $532
  • Ceremony music $595
  • Bride’s wedding band $705
  • Reception DJ $706
  • Day of coordinator $722

Where to skimp: Rehearsal Dinner: it’s a very nice and traditional gesture to host a rehearsal dinner for the wedding party and out of town guests, but it shouldn’t break the bank! There are plenty of ways to host a rehearsal dinner that doesn’t cost a fortune – save the big bucks for the big day. 

Where to splurge: Day of coordinator: two words- STRESS. FREE. Splurge a little in order to be able to literally give your stresses to someone else. Someone who can take care of them way more efficiently than you could! 


  • Videographer $1,018
  • Dress $1,118
  • Reception band $1,644
  • Rentals $1,651
  • Florist $1,761

Where to skimp: Flowers: this is tough, because we absolutely adore beautiful florals. But, bottom line, they’re expensive and they die. Make sure to only select blooms that are in your price range, and use lots of greenery for a budget-friendly, aesthetically pleasing option. 

Where to splurge: Videographer: This is the one thing that brides most often say they wish they would have splurged on! Yes, we get that it’s super expensive, but how else are you going to relive your vows, your dad’s speech, your groom’s toast?? Your wedding day is short, book the videographer!

Over $2,500

  • Bar service $2,232
  • Full-service planner $2,424 
  • Photographers $2,750 
  • Engagement ring $3,097 
  • Venue $3,433
  • Catering $4,358 

Where to skimp: Honestly, we wouldn’t skimp on anything in this category. These are some big ticket items, but they also have the biggest impact on your day, and beyond! But, if we absolutely haddddd to pick, we’d say you could opt for a day of coordinator instead of a full-service wedding planner. 

Where to splurge: Photographers: If you don’t remember anything else from this blog post, please remember this – splurge on a good photographer. Research, research, research until you find a photographer with a style that you love and then pay the price, it’s worth it. 


  • $31,028!

If your budget is different than the total from our budget, here are the percentages you can use to determine how much you should be spending on each item: 

We hope this budget guide is helpful, and we’d love to know which items in your wedding you’re planning to splurge or skimp on! Let us know on Facebook or in our Facebook group. See you there! 

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