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Warm Weather Wedding Tips

Planning a wedding during the warm weather months? Great! Warm weather weddings are super popular because the entire wedding can take place outdoors. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about the heat and what it means for you and your guests. This is especially true if you’re in the south, like us. The Texas heat is no joke! But, we’ve got the best warm-weather wedding tips to keep you and your guests happy throughout the ceremony and reception.

Heat Relief

First, you need to provide some relief for your guests. This can come in many different forms. You can provide guests with handheld fans by placing one on every ceremony seat. Pro Tip: these can double as your program! Also, be sure to have refreshment stands at every turn. These can be as simple of buckets full of ice and water bottles, or as elaborate as bar stations with refreshing lemonades and fruit drinks. In addition, be sure to provide shade for guests. This could be a full-size tent that provides shade for the entire event, a smaller tent or pergola where guests can retreat to cool off, or simply umbrellas set up over tables. 

Light Foods

Not surprisingly, if its sweltering hot outside, your guests probably aren’t going to be lining up for hot wings or heavy fried foods. Keep the options light with things like salads, fruit, grilled meats, and go crazy with the cool desserts! For example, popsicles, ice cream, shaved ice, gelato, key lime pie, lemon bars – the list could go on and on! 


Please do not put your wedding party through the wringer by having them sweat all their make up off just because you had your heart set on velvet bridesmaids dresses. When it comes to the wedding party, opt for lighter colors and cooler fabrics. Maybe a shirt and tie for the groomsmen, instead of a full-on tuxedo. For the bridesmaids, go with short, sleeveless dresses versus heavy maxi dresses. In addition, consider updo’s for you and your girls instead of leaving your hair down. As for the dress code for your guests, casual usually equals cooler. A black-tie affair in the heat of the summer could leave your guests sweating through their oh-so-formal attire.


This is possibly the most important tip we’re going to give you. Please, please, please don’t have your summer wedding during the hottest part of the day. Start your ceremony once the sun, and the temperature, begins to go down. It gets dark way later in the day during this time of year anyway, so you don’t have to worry about starting the ceremony super early so that you’ll have enough light. Trust us, your guests will thank you!!


To really wow your guests, provide them with warm weather favors to beat the heat! You could set the favors on each ceremony seat, or have a table set up at the entrance to the ceremony. We love the idea of providing personalized sunglasses, sun hats, or cute umbrellas or parasols! Your guests will love them and they’ll be much more comfortable and cool. Double win! 

Bonus: Set up amenity kits in the bathrooms so your guests can refresh! Provide things like sunscreen, handheld misters, face and/or body wipes, deodorant, perfume, etc. These are lifesavers after the heat of the dance floor!

The most important thing when planning a warm-weather wedding is to be prepared! Use our tips to make sure your guests aren’t miserably hot, but instead, having fun and enjoying the outdoor venue! Which of these warm-weather wedding tips do you plan on using? Let us know on our Facebook group! Or, if you’re not a local, head to our Facebook page and let us know there. 

Warm Weather Wedding Tips | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
Warm Weather Wedding Tips | Texoma Bride Guide Blog

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