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Two Venues or One?

Many brides envision a traditional wedding ceremony in a church followed by a fun, often elaborate, modern reception with dinner, drinks, and dancing. However, many churches either don’t have the facilities or simply don’t allow that kind of celebration. If you want to have a religious ceremony in the church where you grew up, but the church doesn’t have the facilities to support the type of reception you want, you will want to find a separate reception venue.

If getting married in a church isn’t a priority, there are plenty of options in Texoma with both beautiful ceremony sites and plenty of reception space for you and your guests to party the night away. Nontraditional and/or nonreligious brides will love the variety of ceremony sites available to them at these venues – from quaint gardens to wide open spaces.

Looking for a compromise? Many Texoma wedding venues feature a chapel or restored church as an option for your ceremony location in addition to a great reception space.

If you do end up with two venues, make sure you map out the logistics of how you and your guests will travel from the ceremony to the reception. Also, don’t forget to plan transportation for you and your new spouse, as well as the bridal party. Parking is also important to consider as many cars will shift from one location to another.

We have put together an extensive Venues Guide with everything you need to know, and ask, about finding the venue or venues for your dream day. Request yours now!

Two Venues or One? | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
Two Venues or One? | Texoma Bride Guide Blog

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