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The Top 6 Wedding Trends for 2021

Every bride knows that when Covid-19 hit, it completely changed the wedding industry. And while some of those changes will fade as Covid does, some are here to stay. Wedding trends change and evolve every year, and 2021 is no different as Covid-19 and its restrictions continue to linger. But have no fear, we’re loving these upcoming trends, even the ones influenced by Covid! And we’re pretty sure you’ll love them too, if you haven’t already incorporated a few into your 2021 wedding!

1. Small Weddings

It comes as no surprise that 2021 will be the year of small, intimate weddings. With Covid-19 restrictions staying in place, gone are the days of weddings with hundreds of guests. If you ask us, this is not a negative! We absolutely love intimate weddings. You actually get to spend time with all your guests, plus your bank account will thank you!

2. Close-To-Home Destination Weddings

Having a destination wedding in 2021 can seem impossible. Most places aren’t even allowing personal travel, and even if you and your fiancé could get there, your guests may not feel comfortable traveling. But, (yay, there’s a but!) domestic destination weddings are an awesome alternative! And, a huge trend for 2021. Get the feel of a destination wedding without the huge hassle by having a destination wedding an hour or two from home!

3. Weekday Weddings

As the wedding industry continues to shift and change, so do traditions. No longer is it required to get married on a weekend. There are so many advantages to having a weekday wedding: lower cost, better vendor choices, an intimate & exclusive feel, the list goes on!

4. Sequel Weddings

Ceremony now, party later! If you absolutely have to have the big, traditional wedding, this is the trend for you. Have a small, intimate ceremony or elopement as soon as possible, and save the party for later when all of the restrictions have been lifted and/or your guests feel more comfortable attending a large wedding. You can have two ceremonies as well, the second being a symbolic ceremony for the benefit of your family and friends. It’s a win-win!

5. Unique Venues

With smaller guest lists, unique venues are majorly trending. You no longer need to worry about a huge venue that can fit hundreds of guests. Airbnbs, backyards, restaurants, pretty much anywhere you want can be transformed into the perfect wedding venue!

6. Personal Plates

For safety reasons, the new trend of small personal plates is becoming more and more popular. This can be for appetizers, dinner, dessert, snacks, or all of the above! You can have so much fun with this trend and make some truly Instagram worthy personal dishes. Tiny cakes, cheese-boards-for-one, to-go snacks; this is a trend we definitely want to stick around!

Despite the coronavirus, we are super excited about 2021 weddings and seeing all the new trends in action! Which ones are you incorporating in your wedding?!

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The Top 6 Wedding Trends for 2021 | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
The Top 6 Wedding Trends for 2021 | Texoma Bride Guide Blog

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