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The 5 Best Ways to Include Pets in your Wedding

As a proud dog mom and bride, you’re probably wondering if you can include your pup in your wedding, and if so, the best ways to do that. Well, the answer is, yes, you can definitely include your pets! Heck, it’s your day, you can do anything you d@mn well feel like! But seriously, including pets in the wedding festivities is becoming more and more common. So, we’ve gathered our favorite ways to show off your pet during every part of the wedding day. 

Invitation Suite

Our first way to include your pets in your wedding is also the earliest and easiest way to do so – on your save the dates and/or invitation suite! Bring your dog along to your engagement photoshoot and use those photos for your save-the-date! Or, have an artist create an illustration of your pet to use on your save-the-dates or invitation suite. You could also use the illustration on items for the day of your wedding – wedding programs, napkins, menus, signs – the options are endless! 

Getting Ready

Make your pup an honorary bridesmaid and have them with you for all the important moments of the day, like getting ready! Have your pet hang out with you in the bridal suite while you’re getting ready; this is guaranteed to calm your nerves and comfort you through the butterflies and nervousness/excitement! And while they’re living it up in the bridal suite, make your pup feel extra special and dress them for the occasion! Think floral collars, a flower crown, floral leash, and even dressed-up doggie clothes. Your guests will be dying over the cuteness. 


Now that they’re dressed and ready for the occasion, it’s time for their big walk down the aisle. That’s right, you can include your pup in the wedding procession. Again, this makes for lots of “awwww” moments. They can walk down with the flower girl or ring bearer, and even wear a cute sign around their neck. Once they make it to the altar, have one of your bridesmaids hold them or their leash during the ceremony. Another fun way to include them in the ceremony is to talk about them in your vows (if you’re writing your own), especially if you and your partner got your beloved pet together. 


Have a mini photoshoot post-ceremony (or before, if that’s when you’re taking pictures) with your new hubs and pup – party of 3! This is a great opportunity to have professional photos taken of your new little family, why wouldn’t you want your doggo to be a part of it?! Also, be sure to put your pup in the spotlight and get some solo professional photos of them. Because, when else are you going to?! Plus, it will only eat up a minute or two of your time. 


You’re going to be super busy at your reception, so you may need to appoint someone to watch your pet during that time. Or, kill two birds with one stone, and let your pup entertain the kiddos at your wedding! They will love it! Other fun ways to include your pet in your wedding reception: use a photo or figurine as your cake topper, name your signature drink after your pet, and use photos of you, your hubs, and your pet as decoration around the space.

There are so many fun ways to include your pet(s) on your wedding day! We hope this list has inspired you to try at least one or two. After all, your wedding day is all about being surrounded by your loved ones, and your pets are probably on the top of that list! Let us know if you’re including your pets on your big day by heading over to the Texoma Bride Guide page on Facebook, Texoma Wedding Network Facebook group, or our Instagram page. 

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