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Situations You Need To See Your Fiancé Handle

You are engaged to be married, so chances are you’ve been dating your partner for a while now. You probably think you know everything there is to know about them, but there are a few everyday situations you NEED to see your fiancé handle before your big day. These small situations can be really telling when it comes to what makes your partner tick. We’ve compiled a list for you to be on the lookout for! 


Traveling is one of the quickest ways to find out how much patience someone has. There so many things that could go wrong! If you’re flying, there could be weather delays or cancellations, lost luggage, or incorrect flight reservations just to name a few. Pay attention to how your future spouse treats the flight attendants or customer service agents. When things don’t go as planned, are they still polite and respectful, or are they completely frustrated and rude? Chances are you will get a lost a time or two when you’re in a new city. This another time to be on the lookout for potential blow ups or (hopefully) cool, calm collectedness. 


After marriage comes domestic bliss, right?! Maybe, but first you’ll want to see how your future spouse handles all that comes with domestic bliss, especially entertaining or hosting a get together. If you don’t live together yet, you could co-host a get together or dinner party at one of your houses. Take note of your future spouses expectations, and your own! Does your fiancé expect you to do all the planning, shopping, preparing, cooking, and clean up by yourself while he enjoys socializing with your guests? Or does he approach the to-do list as a team, offering to share the workload. Or, on the other hand, does your fiancé completely take control and want to do everything their own way with no input from you? This is definitely something you’ll want to figure out before the big day. 

Home Decor Decisions 

Speaking of domestic bliss, I bet you cannot wait to decorate your new house or apartment together! Trust us, this is a slippery slope to argument city. Before you say “I do,” ask your partner to help you put together some furniture, or make a home decor decision with you. This will help you see how you work together as a team, and who wants to be in the lead when it comes to all things home related. It’s important that you are able to compromise well, and take each other’s opinions into consideration. 

Slow Computer or Internet 

The. Most. Frustrating. Thing. Ever. Are we right?! Nothing tests someone’s patience like dealing with a slow computer or internet connection. Next time you hear your partner complaining about their computer, go into the room and watch their body language to see if they are about to explode (or worse, throw or punch the computer) or if they’re even-tempered and unbothered. Getting frustrated isn’t a deal breaker by any means, but at least you know what you’re getting yourself into! 

Restaurant Gets Their Order Wrong

I am sure you’ve been out to eat with your future spouse hundreds of time, but has the waiter ever gotten their order wrong? Or has the restaurant ever really messed up and kept you waiting for hours? These two situations are very efficient ways to figure out if your partner is genuinely a good person. We have all been “hangry” a time or two, but that doesn’t give anyone an excuse to be rude to a waiter or make a scene in a restaurant. It can be so embarrassing to go out with someone who does this- make sure you don’t end up married to that person! 


We’ll keep this one short and sweet. Do you want to be married to someone with road rage? Or do you want to be married to someone with a roll-the-windows-down-turn-the-music-up mentality? It’s up to you!


While shopping with your partner, do they leave a trail behind them wherever they go? Hopefully they show what a nice, respectful person they are in small ways like refolding that shirt they wanted to see, or putting the item back in its correct place when they decide against buying it. There’s a meme out there that says “Never date someone who doesn’t return the grocery cart when they’re done.” #Truth. 

All these situations may seem like small, everyday things that don’t really matter. But, you can learn a lot about someone just based on how they treat people and how they handle being inconvenienced. Make sure you see how your fiancé handles these everyday situations. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with someone who constantly yells at the wait staff? Again, it’s up to you!