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Second Shooter – Why It’s Important And Do You Need One

You know you need a good photographer for your wedding. But what you may not have thought of is a second photographer, which is called a second shooter. Before you start to panic, this does not mean you have to hire two separate photographers – ain’t nobody got the budget for that! But what it does mean is that you’ll need to talk to your potential photographers and see if their pricing includes a second shooter, or how much extra it will be (or if they even offer it at all). Let’s take a look at why a second shooter is important and if you need one.

Why A Second Shooter Is Important

Photographer Can’t Shoot 2 Things At Once

The main reason a second shooter is important is so they can get the shots the photographer would miss otherwise! The most obvious example of this is that one photographer can capture the groom’s face the moment he sees the bride walking down the aisle, and the other photographer can capture the bride entering the ceremony. There are so many instances like this on your wedding day: family photos vs. guest happy hour, getting ready photos of the bride vs. the groom, photos of bride and groom vs. guests during the ceremony and reception, etc.

Makes The Day Run Smoother

Similarly, when you have a second shooter, it’s essentially like your photographer being in 2 places at once! The bride and groom can take getting ready photos at the same time. One photographer can be taking detail photos while the other is focused on the couple. Your photographer is able to get things done much faster (leaving more time for you!) with a second shooter.

More Photos + Perspectives

With a second shooter, the amount of photos from your wedding essentially doubles! Plus, you’ll get 2 perspectives instead of one. For example, your main photographer can get up close and personal shots while the second shooter takes photos from further away highlighting the landscape or venue.

Do You Need A Second Shooter For Your Wedding

Now that we know why a second shooter is important, the real question is do you need one? Short answer, yes. Why wouldn’t you want all the extra benefits?! But, you definitely need a second shooter if you’re having a large wedding with hundreds of guests or your venue is large and spread out. Again, your photographer can’t be in two places at once.

The only reason you may not need a second shooter is if you’re having a very small wedding. Or, you’re eloping just the two of you. Either way, it’s best to talk to your photographer and see if they think your wedding requires one.

Photography is one of the most important elements of your wedding day. This is not an item that you should skimp on. If anything, this is what your budget should go towards and you can skimp on other items that aren’t as important. (Like napkins, programs, table numbers, favors, etc.) You’ll look back on your wedding photos for the rest of your life, so take it from us and get the second shooter!!

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Second Shooter - Why It’s Important And Do You Need One | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
Second Shooter – Why It’s Important And Do You Need One | Texoma Bride Guide Blog

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