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Rehearsal Dinner- What You Need To Know

Rehearsal Dinner’s can be anything you want them to be, from a backyard bbq or pizza party, to a sit down dinner at a restaurant. The important thing is that you don’t forget about the ever important rehearsal dinner. You need to run through your wedding ceremony. It’s also a great way to thank your close family and friends for their part in your big day! Here are some basics you need to know before you start planning. 

The Rehearsal

Even though it’s called a Rehearsal Dinner, don’t forget the actual rehearsal part! Rehearsing your ceremony is so helpful for calming any lingering nerves you may have. You’ll know exactly what to do, where to stand, and what to say the next day! Plus, so will your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Speaking of the wedding party, every member should be at the rehearsal, plus your officiant, any guests that are reading during the ceremony, your parents, and the flower girl and/or ring bearer. You should also bring any special items you plan on using during the ceremony so you can walk through that as well. The things you’ll need for a unity ceremony, for example. After the rehearsal, you will be so excited for the next day and ready for some celebratory drinks and dinner! 

The Dinner

First things first, who hosts the rehearsal dinner? Traditionally, the grooms’ parents will pay for the rehearsal dinner, since the brides’ parents typically pay for the rest of the wedding. However, this is your wedding and you can have anyone you want host it! Yourselves, or even a close friend or family member who offers.

Next, whoever is hosting will want to make sure the event does not overshadow or resemble the wedding too closely. A safe bet is to have the rehearsal dinner at a restaurant. This is great because it takes care of the catering, venue, and alcohol all at once! Bonus points if it’s a restaurant that’s meaningful to the bride and groom! The hosts are also responsible for sending out invitations after the couple has sent out the main wedding invitations. These can be printed invites, or even digital if the event is on the casual side. Pro tip: put an end time on the invitations to remind guests to get to bed somewhat early to be fresh for all the festivities in the morning!

Now, who do you invite to the rehearsal dinner? Definitely all of your wedding party and their dates, plus any others who were at the rehearsal and are involved in the ceremony. It’s also a nice touch to invite out of town guests to thank them for traveling. It’s important for the hosts to take care of most of the planning, but to also consult with the bride and groom for things like the guest list, location, and overall style of the rehearsal dinner. 

The rehearsal dinner is one thing that should not stress you out, especially if someone else is hosting! Just think, by that point, all of the wedding planning will be done, and you can just relax and have fun with the people closest to you!