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Preparing For Your Engagement Portraits

You’ve picked a photographer, woohoo! If the package you have chosen includes engagement portraits this is your next project.  Here are a few things you should be thinking about:


  • The outfit you pick can make or break your portraits. Think about a few things- is the style of your photographer bright and airy or is it dark and moody? Editing style can change how your outfits will appear. For example, if your photographer’s style is dark and moody and you show up in a bright-colored sundress it won’t necessarily look bad, but there are ways you can look better.
  • If you want patterns on your clothes, try to only pick one person wearing them. Two different patterns can clash and look busy.
  • If you plan to photograph your ring, make sure it is polished and that your nails are done.
  • Think about the theme of your wedding because you will probably be showcasing your images there and on your invitations. Flowy and long dresses are always a beautiful and safe option for your portraits. Dresses blowing in the wind add so much depth and character.

The most important thing about your outfit is making sure you are comfortable. If you feel comfortable you will feel relaxed and at ease. A lot of photographers offer outfit changes, so perhaps bring a formal outfit and a more casual option. 


  • Photographers usually know some great spots for taking engagement portraits, so ask them for recommendations.
  • Some couples like to do them at their wedding venue, on family land, or nature reserves. Make sure that the spot you choose represents you as a couple.
  • If the location you choose involves a lot of hiking make sure that you bring tennis shoes to climb up and down in. No one wants to climb up big rocks in their favorite pair of heels.
  • Be prepared for any sudden weather changes. Bring an umbrella or a poncho just in case. You don’t want your hair to get wet!


  • Your photographer probably has poses and knows how to represent you and your fiance as a couple. Feel free to bring inspiration as well. You can create a shot list and send it to your photographer a few days before your engagement shoot. Having two minds posing on the day of the shoot will guarantee that you get all of the shots and poses that you want.
  • To help with posing and variety you can bring different kinds of props. Bouquets are super trendy right now and can add a very classy touch to your portraits. You can photograph yourself with a “thank you” banner to use on your thank you cards after the big day. Do you have a car that’s near and dear to your heart? Incorporate that!

Like we keep saying, the most important part of your engagement portraits is that they represent you as a couple.

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Preparing For Your Engagement Portraits
Preparing For Your Engagement Portraits

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