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Having to Postpone Your Wedding due to Covid-19: The Silver Lining

To all the 2020 brides out there, we feel for you. Wedding planning is already stressful enough, and now you’re dealing with the coronavirus on top of everything else. First of all, it’s okay to feel anxious and disappointed. Yes, there are more important things going on than your wedding plans, but allow yourself to be disappointed. BUT, only for a short amount of time. Afterward, it’s time to get the ball rolling on what you need to do: either postpone your wedding or stick with your original plans. 

The decision to postpone or move forward with the original plans is ultimately up to you. You may not even need to decide right this minute. However, if you are getting married in March, April, May, or June, you should definitely consider changing your plans. Especially if you are having a destination wedding. No bride wants to have to postpone their wedding, but right now, it’s the smartest decision for you and your fiancé, your guests, and our country as a whole. 

So, how can you find a light at the end of the tunnel? How can you actually feel happy about having to postpone your wedding plans and possibly having to change everything? We’re here to tell you. Let’s look on the bright side of coronavirus as a bride… 

More Time

The biggest plus to moving your wedding to a later date is all the extra time for planning! This is the umbrella that all the other benefits fall under. The biggest bonus is that you now have more time to save money if you’re paying for your own wedding! You also have more time to enjoy being a fiancée. After all, it’s a very short period in your life! Plus, if you can get through being quarantined with your fiancé, you know you are ready for marriage. This is the time to slow down and be grateful for the surplus amount of time to get your planning done. Plus, all those things you were worried about not being done before the big day? They are no longer an issue!


Are there any elements of your wedding that you’re less than thrilled about? Well, guess what?! Now is the time to change them! You finally have time to put together that seating chart you really wanted instead of having open seating for your reception. If you made any last-minute decisions on rentals like plates, glasses, or tablecloths, you are now able to take the time to really figure out what you want. The opportunities to make your dream wedding a reality are now endless! 

Premarital Counseling

Let me guess, you and your fiancé didn’t exactly prioritize premarital counseling in the midst of all the wedding planning? Well, now that most of the planning is done anyways, you have no excuse not to make it a priority! You probably have at least a couple extra months before the wedding, which is plenty of time to find a counselor and squeeze in some sessions! And sure, you will still have some readjusting and planning to do, but not nearly as much as when you were just starting out. Plus, your therapist will also be able to help with the stress of your wedding due to coronavirus – how to deal with each other, family, vendors, etc. 


Speaking of vendors, if your current vendors aren’t available on the new date you chose, don’t freak out! This is the perfect opportunity to reach out to some of the other vendors you loved, that maybe weren’t available, and see if they are free on your new date!

Of course, if you really want to stick with your original vendors, talk with the most important ones to get their availability before choosing a new date. In either situation, you need to speak with all of your vendors about payments you’ve already made and review your contracts with each of them. In most cases, rescheduling with the original vendors will be the easiest and most financially beneficial option. 


Once again, time is the big plus here! You finally have time to fit in all the self-care you were hoping to do before your wedding. If you have any health and fitness goals, now is the time to start eating healthier and exercising. This is also a great time to refocus your efforts on skincare, taking care of your mental health, nailing down a sleep routine that works for you, and getting organized. 

All in all, we understand that right now is a stressful time to be a bride. But, we hope that you have been able to focus on the silver lining, at least for a short time. And don’t worry, your wedding will still be the best day of your life – we promise! Because at the end of the day, it’s about you and your future hubby committing to each other for life. And that’s pretty awesome, no matter how you look at it. 

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