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Our Favorite Getting Ready Rooms

What’s the most important thing you look for in a prospective wedding venue? Enough space? A pretty view? Style? What about the getting ready room or bridal suite? While the bridal suite may not be the most important part of the venue, it’s still something you should absolutely consider when choosing your wedding venue. Most importantly, you should look for things like enough space, mirrors, plugs, seating, and good lighting in a bridal suite. But, we love when venues take it up a notch and give their bridal suites style and personality. So, we’ve rounded up our Texoma area favorites to give you the ultimate bridal suite inspo – get ready to swoon!

Gray Acres 

What we love: The perfect dress-hanging-spot! Every bride, and bridal suite, needs one! We love how creative and unique this one is! 

Magnolia Grace 

What we love: So feminine – what’s not to love?! In addition, this suite is super practical with plenty of seating, a huge mirror with great lighting, and a mini-fridge. 

Rustic Grace Estate 

What we love: A mirror for each bridesmaid! And for the bride, a three-way mirror to adore your dress from every angle ???? This bridal suite has tons of natural lighting from all the windows – a huge bonus!

The Pointe 

What we love: The number of windows = excellent lighting. We are also loving the cute as can be decor that makes for a  beautiful background in photos.

The Ranch 

What we love: You’re only a bride once in your life, so take advantage of all the “bride” merchandise and decor you can! This bride sign and victorian couch scream, “take photos with all your besties here!” 

Bethel Rock

What we love: We are totally in love with the industrial farmhouse look at Bethel Rock. Plus, they have more than one space to choose from for your getting ready area. You and your posse can take one, your fiance can have the other. Maybe flip a coin over who gets what?

The Wildflower

What we love: THAT. WALLPAPER. We may be a tad obsessed! The perfect girly room for getting ready for the biggest day of your life! Could this suite be any cuter?!

If you haven’t already, be sure to join our Facebook group, Texoma Wedding Network, and let us know which bridal suite is your favorite! Most importantly, don’t forget to inquire about the bridal suite when researching venues! You (and your bridesmaids!) will be happy you did!

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