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Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

Would you consider yourself a traditional bride? If so, you’re definitely going to want to include something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue into your wedding day. And even if you’re not the typical traditional bride, why not partake in this fun tradition!? It’s a great way to include family and friends in your day and can even be a good excuse to splurge a little on wedding day items! If you’re thinking it’s going to be a difficult or time-consuming task, we’re here to help make it as easy as possible. 

Something Old

The old and the borrowed can sometimes overlap, but the old item is usually something old that you now own, while the something borrowed is something that you will only have or use on your wedding day. Here are some of our favorite ideas for something old:

  • Your Mother’s Wedding Dress: If you love the dress and want to wear it as is, that’s amazing, but if you prefer a dress of your own, we love the idea of incorporating a piece of lace from your mother’s gown. Or, sewing a square of the fabric from your mom’s dress to the inside of your dress. 
  • Family Heirloom: One of the most common old items to use is a family heirloom that has been passed down to you. For example, a piece of vintage jewelry. 
  • Veil: Wear your mothers, grandmothers, or someone else’s that’s important to you.
  • Vintage car: The perfect getaway car and makes for a great photo-op! 
  • Locket: Wear a locket that holds photos of family members or loved ones that have passed away. You can wear it as a necklace or tie it around your bouquet. 

Something New 

The easiest of the four something’s, you have so many choices for what to use as your something new! A lot of brides will go with:

  • Bridal Attire: Your wedding dress or any accessories you purchase for your big day! Jewelry, hairpieces, shoes, etc. 
  • Ring: Your wedding band is the perfect something new! 
  • Perfume: Do we really need an excuse to splurge on a new perfume? No. But will we take it? Yes! 
  • New Last Name: Everybody loves a good monogram. Monogram your new last name on the inside of your dress, or purchase a necklace, ring, or bracelet displaying your new name for everyone to see. 

Something Borrowed 

This is the perfect chance to ask to borrow that piece of jewelry you’ve always wanted to wear!! But seriously, borrow something from a loved one that you would like to incorporate into your wedding day. It can be something you can wear or just something you need for your wedding day. Some examples are: 

  • Jewelry: Again, this is a great chance to wear that piece of jewelry you’re always drooling over! The family member or friend who you borrow from will usually be honored to have you wear their jewelry as a token and sentiment to them. If you’re really close with your grandmother, consider wearing something of hers – she’ll be absolutely delighted! 
  • First Dance Song: How sweet would it be to dance to the same song as your parents first dance?! And what a sweet sentiment to your parents and their marriage. 
  • Cake Knife and Topper: Save a little bit of money and borrow the cake topper and knife from your best friend’s wedding that you loved! These items are typically only used once, so what better way to get more use out of them! 
  • Veil: This is also a great way to trim some costs from your budget! If you adored your bridesmaid’s/sister’s/friend’s veil at her wedding, why not ask if you can use it as your something borrowed?!

Something Blue

Last but not least, you need something blue! This can seem difficult, especially if blue isn’t one of your wedding colors, but we actually think it’s the most fun item to choose! It’s a great chance to think outside the box. Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate something blue:

  • Shoes: This is quickly becoming our favorite something blue tradition! Bright blue, baby blue, navy blue, we love them all! And don’t think you can only do this if your dress covers your shoes; we love to see a peek of blue with your wedding dress! 
  • Bouquet: Choose blue flowers if it works with your wedding theme and colors, or just tie a simple blue ribbon around your bouquet. 
  • Underwear: As long as you don’t need to wear nude underwear with your dress, we love this idea! Annndddd we’re pretty sure your groom will love it too! ????
  • Garter: Choose a solid blue garter or one that has blue adornments. Just be sure to check that it doesn’t show through your dress! 

We love continuing the old, new, borrowed, and blue tradition, and giving it some modern updates! Join our Facebook group and let us know if you incorporated the tradition and what your items were! And, for more wedding planning advice and inspiration follow along with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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