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Non-Traditional Ideas for Flower Girls 

Is there anything cuter than a flower girl in a tiny princess dress walking down the aisle? We think not. But, maybe you don’t love the idea of your flower girl tossing rose petals like every other wedding you’ve been to. Instead of sticking with the traditional route, think outside the box and switch it up with these non-traditional ideas for flower girls! 

1. Confetti 

How fun is tossing confetti down the aisle?! Your flower girl will be delighted with this idea! Choose confetti that goes with your wedding colors for a chic look. 

2. A Sign

Have your flower girl carry a sign saying something along the lines of, “Here comes the bride.” You can have a lot of fun with personalizing this one. Use a funny saying like “She’s on time for once,” to give the audience a laugh and break the ice. You can also have your flower girl and ring bearer carry coordinating signs.

3. Feathers

Okay, we are loving this idea for a wedding with a bohemian vibe. Picture white and/or wheat-colored feathers lining the aisle. So dreamy!

4. Lavender 

Similar to petals with a different twist! Lavender is so pretty and adds the perfect touch to your wedding aisle. 

5. Baby Bouquet

Have your florist make your flower girl a miniature version of your bridal bouquet, or your bridesmaids’ bouquets. Your flower girl will feel so important and like an honorary bridesmaid!

6. Fall Leaves

If you’re having a wedding during the fall, we love the idea of your flower girl tossing fall foliage as she walks down the aisle. So simple and budget-friendly, while also adding texture and color to the ceremony space!

7. Seashells 

Where are all the beach brides at?! This is such a fun option for your flower girls. You could even give her the oh-so-important task of finding the shells she’ll be tossing! 

8. Paper Hearts

This one needs little to no explanation; paper hearts are perfect for weddings! And we’re pretty sure your flower girl will love them too, especially if she assists in making them. 

9. Your Pet

If you want to include your pup in your wedding ceremony, this is an awesome way to it. Your flower girl will adore walking the dog down the aisle, and then she’ll have the job of watching him during the ceremony! (Because we all know flower girls lose interest in the ceremony, fast!)

10. A Framed Photo of a Loved One

If you have a loved one who’s passed away, this is such a sentimental and special way to remember them on your wedding day. Have your flower girl carry a framed picture down the aisle and then place it on a reserved seat for the ceremony.

11. Pinecones

The perfect toss item for your flower girl if you’re having a winter wedding! Just be sure to get the mini pinecones and have her toss them on the edges of the aisle. 

Flower girls tend to steal some of the spotlight (adorably!) so make sure they have the perfect accessory to walk down the aisle with. Whether that’s a sign, your pet, or an item to toss, choose whichever fits your wedding style best! Let us know what you choose over on our Facebook page or group. And for all things wedding, follow along on Pinterest and Instagram

Non-Traditional Ideas for Flower Girls | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
Non-Traditional Ideas for Flower Girls | Texoma Bride Guide Blog

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