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Most Common Wedding Invitation Typos

Designing your wedding invitations can be such a fun process! Seeing all the details in print finally makes it start to feel real. Your wedding is actually happening! You want your wedding invitations to be beautiful and reflect your style. BUT don’t forget the most important thing is for them to be accurate. Here are some common wedding invitation typos to watch out for.


The time your wedding ceremony starts is the most important detail of your wedding invitation. It can be so easy to incorrectly type one number. This could lead to guests showing up late, or maybe even worse, showing up early with nothing to entertain them! The time is also crucial for your vendors and venue. You are paying them for a specific amount of time, hinging on their start time. Double and triple check that the correct time is on your invitation! Also, remember most people go by the printed invitation they receive in the mail versus a wedding website. 


Coming in second place, the address of your ceremony follows closely behind time as the most important detail! Even if you think you’ve been to your venue so many times you know the address by heart, be sure to double check the street number and name. It’s also very important to make sure you’re using the appropriate road type: Street, Drive, Avenue, Lane, Circle, etc. Also, some street names include a direction that you don’t want to forget! For example, “E. Roosevelt Boulevard” could be a completely different location than “Roosevelt Boulevard.”


This could be a very embarrassing typo to make. Misspelling your future in-laws name isn’t an ideal way to join the family! Have your future spouse proofread everything! Checking Facebook is also a great way to make sure you’re spelling a name properly. Always double check even if it is a common name, “Steven” could actually be “Stephen.” Better to be safe than sorry! 


This is another one that could get embarrassing. Make sure you reread what you type and verify that autocorrect isn’t changing “dear” to “dead.” Autocorrect can be a great tool and is usually very helpful, but it’s not perfect.


Confirm (more than once) that the RSVP date is correct. It is hard enough to get people to RSVP to begin with; if you accidentally print a date that is way too late, it will be even more difficult to get your guests to respond on time. This is also important for vendors like your wedding planner and caterer, they will need to know the head count well in advance. 


A grammar mistake isn’t as immediately noticeable as some of the others, but it will still make you cringe if you realize it after you’ve already sent out the invitations. Don’t make the popular “your” versus “you’re” mistake. Find someone who loves grammar and is good at it, and have them look over your invites before printing. 

Wedding invitation typos can be a costly mistake, in more ways than one. If you decide to reprint, depending on how many invitations you have, that could be a huge expense. It could also affect your timeline and could put you behind schedule. You can never be too careful, or proofread too many times. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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