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Thistle Hill Estates

Thistle Hill Estates

The Story of Thistle Hill Ranch

Located in the Northern Part of Texas, USA, known as Whitesboro, Texas. Thistle Hill Estate was originally settled in the1850’s by the same family we purchased it from in 2014.

Our feeling is you really don’t own land like this.  Instead, you are just a temporary steward.  With that as our philosophy, we always tread lightly and make decisions that only enhance the property.  We know that one day, another family member will take the reins.  We hope to leave it better than we found it.

You know how sometimes things just fall into place, perfectly?  That is what happened to us!  We never imagined how our search would take us on a journey that ended with finding much more than we could have ever imagined.

We would love to share the story of Thistle Hill Estate with you.

Please accept our invitation to learn more about Thistle Hill Estate and all it has to offer you.


Photo Credits: Chua Lee Photography https://www.chualeephotography.com/