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How To Tackle All Those Thank You Notes

The wedding’s over, you’re back from your amazing honeymoon, and now you’re left to wonder how on earth you’re going to tackle all those thank you notes. It can be a very daunting task, especially if you had a large wedding. Plus, you’re already playing catch up from taking time off work! Slow down and take a deep breath. These tips for writing thank you notes will have you crossing the task off your to-do list in no time!  

Set A Date 

Set a date to work on your thank you notes, and stick to it! But, make sure this is a date and time that both you and your new spouse are available. Even if you have the better handwriting, that doesn’t mean the entire task falls in your hands. Your partner can read addresses off to you, stuff envelopes, put the stamps on, etc. Make sure this date is within 3 months of your wedding- bonus points if it’s even sooner! If you get any cards or gifts after the fact, write those thank you notes as they come in. 

Make It Fun

Speaking of setting a date, why not make it an actual date?! Turn thank you note writing into a date night with your new hubby- add some champagne (or your drink of choice), music (your wedding song or playlist) and use the task as an opportunity to reminisce on your special day. 

Get Excited 

You know how when you buy cute workout clothes, you are that much more excited and motivated to work out? Let’s apply that here. Purchase something that actually gets you excited about writing your thank you notes! Think new stationary, a stamp with your wedding monogram, or personalized thank you notes with a picture of you and your husband! There are so many options out there; choose the one that really gets you pumped to write and send out your thank you notes. 

Set Up Shop

Make it easy on yourself and set up shop somewhere in your home. Kitchen counter or island, dining room table, home office if you have one- just make sure it’s somewhere where you’ll have plenty of room. Set out all your supplies: thank you cards, envelopes, postage stamps, list of gifts and addresses, pens, address or monogram stamps, and anything else you might need! (ahem, champagne)

Use A Template

To really write your thank you notes as fast as possible, use a template! You can come up with your own template or google search for one you like, and then make it your own. This saves so much time and effort. Don’t worry about it seeming impersonal, you will still personalize each one with names and details. Download our Wedding Invitations Guide for a thank you note cheat sheet!

So, are you ready to tackle all those thank you notes?! Stop procrastinating and start planning a fun night of thank you note writing with your partner. Remember to use it as time to relive your wedding night and feel super grateful to all of your guests. Plus, it will feel so good to be able to cross this task off your to-do list!