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How To Keep Your Engagement Ring Pristine

Have you ever met a bride-to-be who isn’t obsessed with her engagement ring? Probably not. As a bride, you should be obsessed with your ring; it’s the only tangible symbol of your commitment to your fiancé. It’s also safe to say that’s it’s probably the nicest piece of jewelry you own, so keeping it pristine is of utmost importance. Follow these tips to make sure you’re just as in love with your ring in 50 years as you are now. 


Most importantly, start with getting your ring insured. We recommend that your fiancé insures the ring as soon as he purchases it and before he ever slips it onto your finger. Especially because there’s a chance he may purchase a ring that’s a little too big; you want to be covered in case it slips off! (Because let’s be honest, you’re not going to not wear it!) Make sure you know what the insurance covers- does it only cover theft? Or does it cover the cost if you lose it as well? Also, check to see if it covers any repairs you may need. For example, if you have smaller stones as well as a larger, center stone, the smaller stones are more prone to damage or falling out.

When To Wear

Speaking of possibly losing your ring, you need to know when (and when not) to wear your ring. Never take your ring off in a public setting. It could easily fall off the table/sink/counter or you could forget it. Do opt to leave your ring at home when you know you’ll be swimming. Swimming in cold water can make your fingers shrink making it easier for the ring to slip off. If you’re headed to the beach, it’s not worth the risk to wear your ring in the ocean. Trying to find your ring in the ocean amidst waves, seaweed, and sand is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Just don’t do it. Also be sure to take your ring off when doing any kind of cleaning with soap, water, or chemicals. This is the perfect excuse to buy cute ring trays to leave beside your kitchen and bathroom sinks. (One for your nightstand is handy as well!) One other place to avoid wearing your ring is the gym, or wherever you choose to exercise. A diamond ring around heavy weights = a no-no.


This might seem obvious, but don’t forget to clean your ring! You can usually tell when your ring needs cleaning, it won’t be as shiny or sparkly because of everyday dirt and wear. The best option is to take it to your jeweler to get professionally cleaned- the difference between this method and at-home cleaning is shocking. The ring looks brand spanking new after a quick cleaning from your jeweler! (Pro Tip: do this right before your wedding!) You want to clean your ring often, but you probably don’t want to go to a jeweler that often. There are lots of jewelry cleaners to choose from at most major stores. Or, there are tons of at-home methods using products you most likely already have. Choose whichever method makes the most sense for you, and get in the habit of cleaning your ring regularly. 


You’ll also want to see your jeweler once or twice a year to make sure your ring isn’t damaged in any way. They will check to make sure the prongs are tight so that your diamond isn’t loose and on the verge of falling out. They will also check for any other damage like cracks or dents. This is a great habit to get into to make sure that your ring is always in tip-top shape. You can also use these visits as an opportunity to reappraise the value of your ring to make sure you’re always properly insured. The value of your diamond will increase over time, so we recommend getting a new appraisal every 5 years. 

Follow these 4 tips to make sure your engagement ring lasts a lifetime. Insurance, knowing when to wear, regular cleaning, and maintenance check-ups will keep you staring at your left hand long after your wedding day. They say diamonds are a girls’ best friend- treat it that way! 

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