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How To Get Amazing Getting Ready Photos

When it comes to your bride tribe, you carefully chose which girls would stand by your side on the biggest day of your life. You want to make sure that you’re able to perfectly capture all the special moments leading up to “I do” on that day. Because, when else are you going to have the chance to get professional photos with all your besties?! So, we’ve got a few tips for you on how to get amazing getting ready photos.

Clean Up

First things first, make sure the area where you will be taking pictures is clean and tidy before your photographer arrives. Nobody likes a random piece of clothing or shoes or anything in the background of a nice photo! When the photographer does arrive, have them do a final look over on everyone to be sure no hair ties are on wrists and everyone has on the proper earrings, jewelry, shoes, etc! (Plus, this takes the pressure off of you to have to tell your girls what to do/not to do!) Also, remember to have a steamer on hand just in case your dress or a bridesmaids dress needs a touch-up!

Set a Schedule

This is so important!! Having a timeline for the day is a must. So is making sure that your bridesmaids are informed of the timeline and what’s expected of them. Let them know how ready they should be when they arrive. (Should their hair be washed, base make up on, what should they wear, etc.) Your bridesmaids should go first when getting their hair and makeup done so that everyone is set to go when it’s time to get into your dress. (And because we’re saving the best for last, obviously ????) Coordinate everything with your photographer! They also need to know the timeline. This includes what time you’ll be taking photos in your getting ready outfits and what time you’ll be getting into your dress. In addition, communicate with your photographer ahead of time to fill them in on any specific shots you want of you and your girls.

The Setting

Of course, where you’re actually taking the getting ready photos matters. Try to pick a spot with as much natural lighting as possible. Natural lighting is best to capture all the delicate details. And don’t be afraid to go outside! You don’t have to take the photos in the exact same spot where you got ready. If it’s not possible to go outside (because of rain or a nighttime wedding) ask your photographer if they have any lights they can bring with them to brighten up the photos. Next, set the mood! If you want to pop some champagne, dance to your favorite song, or open up bridesmaids gifts, do it! This moment is whatever you want it to be, and your photographer is there to document it all. Enjoy your getting ready time whichever way you want to! 

The getting ready photos you have always dreamed of for your big day can be easily accomplished. Just remember to tell your photographer what you are envisioning for this part of your day and communicate with everyone helping you get ready. Don’t forget to make this moment completely your own, create the vibe in the room, and soak it all in because your wedding day goes by so quickly!

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How To Get Amazing Getting Ready Photos | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
How To Get Amazing Getting Ready Photos | Texoma Bride Guide Blog

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