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How to Find Your Vendors

As you dive into researching all the different aspects and services needed for your wedding, you will quickly discover there are many wedding professionals eager to work with you. Their expertise ranges from flowers and photography, to cakes and rentals, and beyond! It really does take an army of vendors to put on a wedding. You may find yourself overwhelmed by your choices, but remember, only a select few are the right fit for your wedding.

Finding Your Vendor Squad

In order to build the ultimate vendor squad for your wedding day, here are a couple things to keep in mind:
1) Since you took the time to document your wedding vision (if you haven’t, go here to learn more), that will help you eliminate vendors from the get-go. After reviewing a vendor’s website, social media channel or portfolio, if you feel like their style doesn’t jive with the look you’re trying to create, cross them off the list.

2) Also, you should also have an idea which areas are most important to you. Don’t compare your list of must-haves with your cousin who just got married, or your best friend who got married three years ago. Prioritizing your vendors will give you an idea where you can splurge, and where you can save. We always recommend putting photography at the top of your list, but if your vision doesn’t include floral centerpieces at the reception, you know you’ll be able to save a bit on your floral costs.

3) This is also where a wedding planner comes in handy. Most likely, they have worked with several wedding professionals in the area and can make recommendations based on your budget, what you’re looking to achieve, and their past experience working with that vendor.

As you begin your search, we highly recommend browsing our Vendor Directory. We have assembled some of the best vendors in the area and put them in one easy to find place. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! It is our mission to make planning your wedding as easy as possible!

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