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How to Book the Best Venue for Your Ceremony

The ceremony venue is arguably one of the most important aspects of your wedding, as this is the place where you and your fiancé will be married in front of your friends and family.  While you want it to be special and reflective of your love for each other, there are some logistical things to consider before booking the ceremony venue.

Think about how you want your ceremony to flow. Is having a center aisle for you to walk down to your fiancé at the beginning of the ceremony important? Where will your attendants stand? Will you be kneeling at any time in your ceremony? Is there space for musical accompaniment? Make sure the ceremony space can accommodate your vision for your ceremony.

One important aspect of deciding a venue is whether or not you and your fiance would like to have a religious ceremony. Traditional religious ceremonies may have to be held in a specific place of worship, and some even have preferred times for couples to be married. In addition, consider religious preferences for decorations and attire, as some locations do not allow elaborate decor or skin-baring outfits. If you and your fiance hold different religious beliefs, discuss location decisions before booking a venue, and consider involving your respective families in the process. Above all, it is most important that you and your fiance find a location that expresses the love you hold for each other.

You may want to have your ceremony at a reception hall or in a less traditional location. Getting married at home or in an adventurous location, such as a museum or garden, may hold more sentimental value for you. Unique ceremony sites have costs all across the map, so make sure that you communicate with the venue to ensure that there will be no hidden fees. It’s important to consider the size of your wedding, as well as safety precautions that may need to be taken for your city or town. For an outdoor ceremony, remember to plan for rain. Tents can be rented if there’s an unexpected downpour, and your guests will be grateful not to be soaked to the bone before the party starts.

If you want to hold your ceremony and your reception at different locations, think about the time it will take for guests to commute. Depending on the distance between them, you may need to provide directions and transportation. Consider parking, as well as the mobility of some of your guests, when deciding this aspect of your wedding.

How to Book the Best Venue for Your Ceremony | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
How to Book the Best Venue for Your Ceremony | Texoma Bride Guide Blog

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