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How to Deal with Unexpected Wedding Expenses

As you plan your wedding, it’s important to consider unexpected expenses. They can affect your entire budget and make your wedding difficult. Consider these strategies to help your wedding create the memory you always wanted:

  • Consider your beauty treatments. The cost of the bride’s beauty treatments can mess up your budget. Do you plan to get a pre-wedding massage? How much will your hair stylist and makeup artist charge? Will you be getting facials and treatments before the wedding? Your beauty routine expenses can quickly add up! 
  • Plan for marriage license expenses. A marriage license can cost $100 in some areas, so it’s important to include it in your budget. You may also have to pay for a copy of your marriage license. The cost can be even higher if you’re planning a destination wedding or your wedding location is in a large metropolitan area. 
  • Remember the cost of postage. You may spend hours picking out the perfect wedding invitations and thank you cards, but have you thought about the postage? If you choose heavy and irregularly shaped invitations and thank you cards, then you may have to pay extra for postage. 
  • Plan for unexpected guests. Your caterer and wedding planner can charge more for these uninvited guests. It’s important to plan ahead and decide how you want to handle this situation. You can order extra food and favors so that you’re prepared, just keep in mind the additional cost. However, you can also turn them away.  
  • Consider the cost of feeding your wedding party. You may spend hours getting ready for your wedding, and your bridesmaids and groomsmen may need nourishment to survive. Have you planned for extra food? You may want to ask a friend to make breakfast or lunch for the group. You can also bring snacks. In addition, if you’re getting ready at a hotel, you may be able to get room service.  
  • Remember taxes. Depending on your wedding location, you may have to pay a sales tax for some services and items. Have you budgeted for taxes in your wedding plans? Your vendors should include taxes in their price estimates. However, some vendors leave it out until the end. You don’t want to be surprised with unexpected tax bills.  
  • Check for overtime charges. Did you know that videographers and photographers can charge for overtime if your wedding lasts longer than expected? Your vendors and caterers can also have overtime fees. To avoid dealing with a big wedding bill you didn’t expect, check with your vendors for their policies on overtime.  
  • Plan for wedding party issues. How will you handle a bridesmaid who needs replacement shoes on your wedding day because her heel breaks? These types of unexpected wedding expenses can appear at the worst times. Your entire wedding party needs to be prepared for emergency situations that could require a trip to the store.  

Unexpected expenses don’t have to ruin your entire wedding. You can work on preventing such surprises or plan solutions in advance, so your wedding goes off without a hitch.

How to Deal with Unexpected Wedding Expenses | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
How to Deal with Unexpected Wedding Expenses | Texoma Bride Guide Blog

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