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Guest Favors: Required or Waste of Money?

The topic of wedding favors always causes a big debate in our office. We will never tell you that you have to provide any kind of take-home favor for your guests, but encourage you to spend a little extra on an amazing photographer or on the cake of your dreams. However, if you have the budget for it, wedding favors are a fun way for your guests to take a piece of your wedding home with them.

When our friends at Forever Wedding Favors reached out to see if we wanted to review some of their newest favors, we jumped at the opportunity to get our hands on these goodies. They certainly know us well, because they sent us a lot of wine-themed items!

a: Wine Not Gift Box; b: Gold Foil “All In” Playing Cards; c: “Love Knot” Bottle Stopper; d: Key to My Heart Antique Style Bottle Opener; e: Bear Hug Salt & Pepper Shakers; f: Mini Heart Frames with Magnet

Let’s start with the wine themed favors. The Wine Not Gift Box (a) is a plastic corkscrew in the shape of a wine bottle. It really is quite a clever contraption. The red top comes off and becomes a lever that lowers and raises the corkscrew. The plastic seems a little bit cheap and generic, but you can replace the easy-peel-off label with a personalized label for a more custom look. Honestly, we would’ve gone with something like the Key to My Heart Antique Style Bottle Opener (d). It’s compact and classy looking- would fit right in on our key ring and be a little less conspicuous. There are other options similar to this such as the Kisses and Hugs bottle opener or the Cheers version. The “Love Knot” Bottle Stopper (c) was a favorite of the group as well. You could order the two together with this Heart Shaped Wine Set that includes both a corkscrew and a stopper!

Next up in our review is the Gold Foil “All In” Playing Cards (b). These were another favorite in our office. It’s just a standard deck of playing cards, but with a wedding theme. The cards are sturdy and well made, we love the playful heart illustrations and font. These would be a great gift for your wedding party too- something for them to have to pass the time while they’re waiting for you to get dressed!

Our least favorite was the Mini Heart Frames with Magnet (f). They just seemed really cheap. They were really scratched up in the packaging, but they do have a protective film on them that once peeled off got rid of all the scratches. If this is something that you’ve got your eye on, keep in mind that you won’t have your wedding pictures to put in them for your guests at the reception, so you’ll need to use an engagement photo or other picture.

We saved our favorite for last: The Bear Hug Salt & Pepper Shakers (e). These are too cute for words. You can sort of tell from the picture that these two figurines fit together, and when they do it is adorable. And useful! Each bear has holes at the top and a stopper at the bottom so you can fill them with salt and pepper. Full disclosure: the first set we were sent arrived broken but with a quick call to customer service the issue was resolved and a second one was sent to us. This advice doesn’t just apply to wedding favors, or this company: if you order something breakable, make sure you leave plenty of time to get any broken pieces replaced before you need them.

Thanks again to Forever Wedding Favors for the opportunity for us review some of your wedding favors. Be sure to check out their entire catalog on their website.

Guest Favors: Required or Waste of Money? | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
Guest Favors: Required or Waste of Money? | Texoma Bride Guide Blog