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Guest Book Ideas You’ll Love

Guest books are a great way to add a unique element to your wedding. You can choose something that represents you and your partner as a couple. Your guests will love the personalized elements of your wedding, especially the guest book since it directly involves them. Make it fun! 


First, we have to talk about the traditional guest book. This is a book where you guests can sign their name. The cover is often personalized or monogrammed with your wedding monogram or date. This option is simple and classic. Plus, there are tons of options to choose from to make it really fit your style. 


Using a globe as a guestbook is becoming a super popular choice. In the age of millennials who value travel and experience, we can see why! You can use a regular globe or get one hand-painted and personalized to you and your future hubby. These can display your wedding location, honeymoon location, or another location that’s special to you. Another fun option is to cut a slit in the top to turn it into a honeymoon-fund where people can put their (monetary) gifts!   


Similarly, you could use a map as your guest book! This could also be a map of somewhere special, and it would be a little easier for your guests to sign. Another option would be to use a map of the world or a particular country and highlight any sentimental locations. Your guests will get a peek into your love story! 

Picture of You and Your Fiancé

The options are endless with this one. For your guest book, you could have a photo album of the two you, a framed picture (guests could sign the mat or the frame), a canvas print, or even a painting. We love the popular minimalist paintings of couples for guest books! 

Polaroid Station

On the other hand, you could have a polaroid station and use photos of your guests instead of their signature! Guests will take a selfie of them and their date and then tape it into a book that you provide, along with a little note to the happy couple. This is an option that your guests will have so much fun with! Just make sure you have plenty of extra film!

Jenga Blocks

Do you and your fiancé love game night? We have the guest book for you- a Jenga set! Your guests will sign each side of the blocks with a sharpie. After you return from your honeymoon, you can relive your wedding night all over again by playing a game of Jenga and reading all of your guest’s sweet messages! 


Think of a beautiful wooden or acrylic sign. The sign can have your names, wedding date, or anything else you want! Guests will sign their names around the text. This is the perfect option for you if you want to be able to display your guest book in your home. We love the thought of repurposing your wedding items for your home, and it will definitely be a conversation piece for future visitors! 


If your faith is really important to you, and a lot of your guests, consider using a bible as your guest book. Set out a highlighter and pen and have guests highlight their favorite verse and sign their name next to it. This is awesome to look at throughout your marriage and during your different stages of life. 


Another option is to set out a cute mailbox and have your guests put letters or postcards inside. Use postcards from your honeymoon location, or any locations that are on your bucket list! 

So, will you be using any of these guest book ideas? Comment and let us know! Or tell us if you’re doing something completely different!