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Getting Ready Outfits We Love

So, you’ve got your dress and all your accessories picked out for your wedding, but what about getting ready outfits for you and your bridesmaids? You definitely want to get those cute photos in your getting ready outfits, but there are a couple things to think about before you make a purchase. First, if you’re gifting the outfits to your bridesmaids, make sure they are within budget. In addition, you want to make sure the outfits are easy to get in and out of (you don’t want to mess up that perfect hair and glam!)- options with buttons to tie-closure are best for this. To help you choose the perfect style for you and your ‘maids, here’s our top 5 favorites: 


Let’s start with the classic and most popular choice- robes! There are so many options to choose from; from floral silk robes for a summer wedding, to fluffy plaid robes for a winter wedding. The options are endless and will fit many different price points. Don’t forget about personalization! Yours could have “Bride” or “Future Mrs.” on the back, while your bridesmaids could each have their names or initials. Pro Tip: If you want to get use out of the robes beyond the wedding day, choose names or initials over something like “Bride Tribe.” Correspondingly, choose “Mrs. New Last Name” over “Future Mrs.” However, it’s totally up to you and what you want in your photos! 

Men’s Button Down Shirts

Another favorite is a men’s button down shirt. This option is very practical; the buttons make it super easy to avoid ruining your hair or make up. It’s also perfect for any of our brides who love to monogram anything and everything. The shirts look so much cuter with a monogram of your initials! For a uniform look, make sure to have your bridesmaids bring black leggings to wear with them. Or, you can order them over-sized to wear them by themselves. (Just make sure your bridesmaids are comfortable with this!)

Button Up Pajamas

Our next favorite is also of the button up variety, but in pajama form! Get you and your girls some oh-so-comfy matching pajamas for your getting ready outfits! This option is so easy to coordinate with your wedding theme- go for a shorts/short sleeve combo in bright colors or florals for an outdoor summer wedding. For a fall or winter wedding, choose silk or flannel pants and long sleeves sets. Your pictures will have heart-eyed emojis written all over them! 


Think flowy sundresses or pajama dresses. Matching or coordinating sundresses are such a fun, different option for you and your bride tribe. Just be sure they’re easy to get on and off. Pro tip: find an option with spaghetti straps that tie! On the other hand, you could go with pajama dresses! These are similar to t-shirt dresses that can be plain, patterned, or have fun sayings like “Rosé all day!” You can’t go wrong with either option!


Our final favorite is (drumroll, please…) getting ready rompers! If rompers are your thing, this is the option for you! Cute and trendy, you’ll love the way they look in photos! You can have you and all your bridesmaids in the same romper, or switch it up with different styles and variations for each girl. The only catch is, you may have trouble convincing your bridesmaids to change out of their rompers and into their dresses! 

Of course, you don’t have to gift these getting ready outfits to your bridesmaids, or even pick out something for them! But, make sure that YOU have an outfit for getting ready in. It should be something you feel comfortable in, looks good in photos, and matches the theme or feel of your wedding. Happy shopping!