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Food Station Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

If you’re looking for something other than the normal buffet or plated style catering for your wedding reception, we’ve got you covered with these food station ideas! Food stations are a great option because guests will have more variety to choose from. In addition, these options will be available before or after dinner is actually served. There are some things you need to consider before deciding to go the food-station-route: if you have enough space at your reception venue, who will set up the station, and if the station will be self serve or served by wait staff. 

Appetizers and Dinner

Grazing Tables

Give us all the meat, cheese, fruit, bread, crackers, oh my! Think giant cheese/charcuterie boards. This is such a great option for a pre-dinner snack, just in case your guests haven’t eaten in a while or dinner is running a little behind. This is also an easy self-serve option; just be sure to coordinate with your caterer or venue about timing- you don’t want meats and cheeses to be sitting out for too long, especially in the hot sun! 

Pizza Station

For this option, you will need to coordinate with your venue or caterer to have someone man the station. Especially if you choose to have the option of “build your own” pizzas- you need the caterer to cook them! On the other hand, you could also select a few classics (pepperoni, meat lovers) and then set them out for guests to choose from or have the caterer serve it up by the slice! A pizza station could be your main entrée for dinner, or just be a fun station for guests who love pizza! 

Taco Station

Everyone loves tacos, especially our Texoma couples! You almost can’t have a Texoma wedding without some type of tex-mex. A server would be helpful for this station. They would replenish toppings as needed and make sure the meat isn’t sitting for too long. We love this option paired with an ice bucket of your favorite Mexican beer, or a margarita machine! 

Oyster Bar

If your wedding is going to take place anywhere on the coast, you need an oyster bar! A beach wedding is already so dreamy, an oyster bar would be the perfect way to top it off! We’re thinking a huge ice bucket with oysters on the half shell, and all the toppings you need to go with it. Just be sure to coordinate with your caterer or venue/service staff to get a “shucker” to man the station and serve up the oysters. 

You can’t go wrong with any of these food station ideas! Your wedding reception will be that much more fun and unique no matter which you choose. In our next blog, Food Station Ideas For Your Wedding Reception Part 2, we will share our favorite stations for sweets and desserts. Stay tuned!