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Food Station Ideas For Your Wedding Reception- Part 2

In Food Station Ideas For Your Wedding Reception- Part 1, we shared our favorite food stations for appetizers and dinner. But if you’re anything like us, you’ve got a major sweet tooth! You NEED to have one of these dessert stations at your wedding- being mostly self-serve and effortless, the only hard part will be talking yourself out of having every single option at your wedding! 

Sweets and Desserts

Cake/Dessert Table

A separate cake table is great way to “feature” your wedding cake. We love the idea of setting up the cake table on a pretty bar cart, and then styling it how you like! Or, you could do a dessert station and have a smaller, less expensive cake with other options such as cupcakes, macarons, cake pops, and anything else you love. This is also a good way for family to get involved if you have an aunt or grandma who makes a dessert that you just have to have at your wedding! 

Ice Cream Station

The perfect compliment to your wedding cake. Cake is good, but ice cream and cake is MUCH better! You and your fiancé can pick out signature flavors, or choose to serve a wide variety of options. Make sure you coordinate with your caterer or venue to have someone serve the ice cream and to make sure it stays cool. 

Donut Station

Donut Stations have become super popular, and we can see why! Options like donut walls are so cute, and make for a great photo op. Donut stations are easy to set up and so fun to style. The fact that they are also a self-service station makes having a donut station at your wedding reception an easy choice. Who doesn’t love donuts?! 

Popcorn Station

A popcorn station is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something easy, tasty, and available throughout your entire reception. Guests have something to munch on before dinner if they need it, or as dessert, or even as a late night snack! Pro tip: have bags so guests can create a take home bag, or pre-bag the popcorn, and it doubles as a wedding favor! At Pop Around The Corner, you can even personalize the popcorn with your wedding colors and choose from a variety of flavors! 

Milk and Cookie Station

If we went to a wedding and there was a milk and cookie station, that couple would become two of our favorite people! Milk and cookies are such a classic duo that you can be sure ALL of your guests will love- both young and old! A fun idea is to set this up later in the evening as a late night snack or a treat for your guests on their way out. Kick it up a notch and have milk for the kiddos, but white russians for the adults! 

Coffee Bar

These days, coffee is all. the. rage. Your guests will love you and be so grateful for a coffee bar! You can have this out all night, or bring it out after dinner to pair with dessert. This is a great option for guests who don’t drink alcohol. The designated drivers will also appreciate having a cup of coffee before the late night drive back home. Pro tip: set out disposable coffee cups (personalized!) for your guests to take with them. Another favor-able idea is to have bags of coffee beans as your wedding favors! 

We hope you love these options as much as we do, and we know your guests will! As for us, we’re headed to the donut shop!