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5 Signs You Need At Your Wedding

“I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign…” Okay, okay, now that we’re done singing, let’s talk about the 5 signs you need at your wedding. These signs are going to help your guests enjoy the night and tell them exactly what they should do and when. That way, they’re not left feeling awkward and unsure of what they should do. Plus, who doesn’t love a good, Pinterest worthy wedding sign??

Welcome/Ceremony Entrance Sign

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A welcome sign really sets the tone for your wedding, and just makes the entrance area that much prettier. Use a sign at the entrance of your ceremony to let guests know: 

  • Where to sit. (On the bride’s side, groom’s side, or where ever they’d like!)
  • If they need to take a program or “walk back down the aisle” toss item, etc.
  • If you want them to refrain from taking photos or if they’re fair game!

You can also choose to include your wedding timeline, or even put this on a separate sign!

Menu Signs

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Bar Signs

Use signage at your bar areas to let people know:

  • If it’s a cash bar (Guests will probably assume it’s an open bar, so you don’t need to let them know)
  • What types of drinks are available. (Alcoholic, non-alcoholic only, just beer and wine, etc.)
  • Your signature drinks!

Dinner Signs

These are helpful if you’re having a buffet-style dinner, so people know what to expect. It also helps hurry the line along since your guests probably already know what they want after reading the menu!

Reception Seating Chart Sign

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If you’re opting not to do place cards, but still have assigned seating, you’ll need some signage letting people know where to sit! You can make these so beautiful – an acrylic sign, a wood sign, a mirror sign…. So many fun options!

On the flip side, if you aren’t doing assigned seating, use a sign to let guests know that! Otherwise, they’ll be wandering around wondering where they should sit. 

Guest Book Table Sign

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Draw attention to the guest book so your guests will actually sign it! Plus, if you’re doing anything other than a traditional guest book, you’ll need to give instructions. For example, say you’re using a globe as your guest book -tell people that! Or they’ll be afraid they’re doing something wrong. Say something like, “Sign our globe where you honeymooned!” or, “Sign the globe on your favorite must-see travel destination!” 

Hashtag Sign

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Social Media has made seeing your guests’ photos from your wedding super easy, especially with the use of hashtags. However, your guests need to actually know your hashtag if you want them to use it. Use a large sign to display your wedding hashtag somewhere noticeable, or use smaller signs placed throughout the reception area.

Have your eyes been opened to the 5 signs you need at your wedding? (Get it?!) Join us on Facebook (our page and/or local group) and show us your wedding signs. Or, let us know what signage you have planned! See you there! 

5 Signs You Need At Your Wedding | Texoma Bride Guide Blog