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5 Unexpected Places To Add Florals At Your Wedding

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding decor, you may not have to look further than your floral arrangements. Sure, you know you need flowers for bouquets and boutonniere’s, but adding floral arrangements throughout your wedding can take your wedding from pretty to absolutely stunning. Let’s take a look at 5 unexpected places to add florals at your wedding.

Floral Wall Backdrop

Let’s start off with a sure fire way to instantly make your photos IG worthy – A floral wall backdrop! Perfect for photos of the bride and groom and your guests will love it! Your wedding hashtag is about to become super popular, especially if you add a neon sign to the wall as well.

Place Settings

At the reception, use floral decor for each place setting. You could even add a ribbon with each guest’s name to double as a place card! This gives the place settings a really elevated look and feel, and your guests will feel like the flowers are for them specifically. We especially love this idea if you’re using the oh-so-trendy simple, modern dishes.

Floral Chandelier

Okay, if you really want to elevate your wedding with flowers, floral chandeliers are the way to go. These look amazing hanging over the reception tables and dance floor. Whether you’re using bright flowers, or neutral, or even just greenery, a floral chandelier is sure to impress.


We know you’re just dying to use your new monogram, so why not make a floral sign with it to use as wedding decor? You can DIY or buy a wood letter with the initial of your new last name (or your full monogram, of course) and have your florist make it all the more beautiful with flowers.


So, when you think of where to put flowers at your wedding, the cake is probably not one of the places that pop into your head. And we can totally see why. However, florals really dress up a cake in a way that icing or drizzle or toppers cannot. Just picture your favorite flower cascading down your wedding cake – instant heart eyes!


If there’s a pool or body of water at your wedding venue, use floating floral arrangements to take it from boring to beautiful! Bonus points if you add floating candles as well!

Again, you really don’t need a lot of extra wedding decor if you use your flowers correctly. You can also repurpose flowers from the ceremony to the reception to save money and use your flowers in more places. Head over to our Facebook page (or FB group if you’re local!) and tell us which one of these unexpected places you’ll be adding florals to at your wedding! 

5 Unexpected Places To Add Florals At Your Wedding  | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
5 Unexpected Places To Add Florals At Your Wedding | Texoma Bride Guide Blog