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Do You Need a Wedding Video?

One of the most common things brides have a hard time making a decision on during the wedding planning process is if they need a wedding video or not. Is it really necessary? Is it worth the expense? Isn’t a photographer enough? Let’s answer the question once and for all. 

Yes, you do need a wedding video

In short, yes! A video is totally worth the expense. Let’s break it down. 

There are moments that photos can’t capture

There are certain moments that no matter how good your photographer is, they simply can’t capture. Things like: 

  • Your wedding vows (especially if you’re writing your own!)
  • Important readings/toasts/speeches
  • First dances and songs
  • Live reactions

Don’t you want to be able to see all of those moments? And hear them?! Then you definitely need a videographer. Think how special it will be to have those memories of your dad’s speech, your mom zipping you into your dress, the emotional vows between you and your groom, and the reactions as guests see you walk down the aisle. 

You can relive the day as much as you want

Having a wedding video allows you to relive the most important day of your life as many times as you’d like! We’d say that’s definitely worth the cost. You may think you’ll remember each and every detail, and while that may true at first, 30, 40, 50 years down the road, your memory just won’t be as sharp. But, with a video, it doesn’t have to be! Another bonus: any friends or family that aren’t able to attend your wedding will be able to watch the video and get to experience a glimpse of your wedding day and really feel like they were there. 

The wedding day goes by so fast

Every bride says it – the day just went by so fast! As a bride, you are going to be busy, and there are things that you won’t get to see. Things like the cocktail hour while you’re taking photos, and the wedding party entrances at the reception. With a video, you’ll get to see it all!

A video will capture the overall feel and vibe of the wedding

Pictures are great for capturing things like people and details, but a video is awesome for showing the overall vibe of your wedding. Things like song choice and style can really come together to portray your wedding day exactly how it was. Having your videographer use a drone is a great way to show the entire wedding venue, not just the ceremony and reception space. This is especially important if you’re having a destination wedding. You want to be able to capture all the beauty around you. 

No, you don’t need a wedding video 

IF, and only IF, you can’t afford it. That is truly the only reason we can think of to skip out on a wedding video. But, have no fear, you still have options. Consider restructuring your budget to make room for a videographer. Think about cutting things out like:

  • Expensive wedding favors
  • Expensive invitations (They are going to end up in the trash!)
  • Wedding programs (Again, they end up in the trash)
  • Menu cards (Yet again, they end up in the trash) 
  • Shoes that won’t even be seen under your dress 

If you still don’t have room in your budget for a videographer after trimming down, try and go for the smallest package they offer. Or, consider filming the ceremony or reception only – just enough time to get in the important things. You can also ask your photographer if they work with a videographer and if they have any special pricing for combo packages. 

To sum it up, yes, you need a wedding video. Head over to our videography page to check out the best videographers in the Texoma area. We pinky promise, this is a decision you will not regret and one that is completely worth the hefty price tag. 

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