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Do You Have to Have Bridesmaids?

If you picture a traditional wedding ceremony in your head, you probably picture a bride and groom surrounded by bridesmaids and groomsmen. However, traditions are changing, and more and more brides are choosing not to have a bridal party. Because while having bridesmaids can be a lot of fun, it can also be very stressful. We can help you decide if you should forgo the traditional bridal party or not.   

If You Do Have Bridesmaids

In the event that you do choose to have bridesmaids, there are a lot of bonuses that come along with that:

  1. Having a bridal party adds a traditional element to the wedding ceremony. You’ll have the traditional procession plus a right-hand gal to hold your bouquet and make sure your dress lays perfect for pictures. 
  2. Bridesmaids will be available to handle any last-minute emergencies or questions from guests on the wedding day. You can count on them to help with making sure everything goes smoothly on the big day.  
  3. You’ll get professional photos with your best friends! This may be the only time where you and all your girlfriends will be in the same place at once (dressed up!) and therefore your only chance for good, quality photos with all your girls.
  4. Your bridesmaids will help you with all the pre-wedding planning! Most importantly, your bridal shower and bachelorette party! Having a maid of honor makes it easy to delegate the task of planning and coordinating the pre-wedding celebrations. Plus, you already have your guest list for those parties ready to go! 

If You Don’t Have Bridesmaids

You may think that having bridesmaids is absolutely necessary, but believe it or not, there are a lot of benefits to not having bridesmaids: 

  1. First and foremost, it’s one less thing to plan! You won’t have to pick out dresses, bouquets, accessories, shoes, etc. In addition, it’s one less thing to budget for! Many brides end up paying for bridesmaids gifts, hair, and makeup, or even the actual bridesmaid’s dresses! Not having bridesmaids is a great way to save time and money. 
  2. How on earth will you choose which of your girlfriends will be your ‘maids?! Simple – by not having bridesmaids, you don’t have to choose! This is especially beneficial if you have a large group of friends. And again, it’s just one less decision you have to make! 
  3. Let’s face it, when you get a group of girls together, drama typically happens. Eliminate any chance of bridal party drama by choosing not to have bridesmaids. Also, by not asking your friends to be a bridesmaid, you free them from responsibility so that they can actually have fun and enjoy your wedding. Win, win!
  4. By not having a bridal party at your wedding, you allow the focus to be solely on you and your groom. The ceremony will feel much more intimate and romantic. It also makes the decision to have a sweetheart table at the reception much easier – there’s no pressure to sit with the wedding party if there isn’t one! 

Make sure you do what feels right to you! If you want to have bridesmaids, go for it! But if you don’t, don’t let anyone pressure you into it or make you feel guilty. This is your big day and it should be all about you and your partner. 

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Do You Have to Have Bridesmaids?
Do You Have to Have Bridesmaids?

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