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7 Ways to Help Your Wedding Photographer

It’s no secret that your photographer is one of the most important vendors on your wedding day. They’re also some of the most sought after, must-book-way-in-advance vendors. But, your photos are one of the only things from your wedding day that will last a lifetime, so paying for a great photographer is well worth it. In addition to choosing the perfect photographer, there are some ways that you can make their job easier. Do these 7 things to help out your photographer on your wedding day: 

Book an Engagement Session

Before the big day, get warmed up in front of the camera by booking an engagement session with your photographer! This will give you a chance to get comfortable with your photographer and being in front of the camera. The same goes for your fiance as well; a lot of times they’re apprehensive about having their picture taken. It also gives your photographer a chance to get to know you and your style before the wedding day.

Send an Invitation

Sending an invitation is another way to give your photographer a better understanding of your wedding style. We always say – your wedding invitation is your guest’s first impression. Also, your photographer can take the invite with them on the big day to photograph. And as a bonus, they’ll have all the details (location, time, etc.) in one place.

Clue Them In

Your photographer needs and wants to be clued in on the details of your day! Specifically, the ones you want to be photographed. If you’re wearing your mother’s veil, make sure they know that! That will clue them in to get those extra special shots of the particular item. Or, if you have a friend that’s not in the wedding party but who you really want photos with, let them know that! Don’t just expect that you will magically get every single photo you’re hoping for. Instead, talk with your photographer about your specific expectations so you’re not disappointed.

Round-Up Detail Items

Along the same lines of cluing in your photographer, round-up all the important detail items that you’d like to have photographed. That way your photographer can knock these photos out as quickly as possible. Some items that make for a pretty flat lay photo are bridal shoes, vow books, rings, invitation suite, your veil, jewelry, and flowers. Obviously, you want to have your photographer take these photos before it’s time for you to get dressed, so make it easy for them!

Get Help with Family Photos

Family photos can be stressful. Especially when everyone rushes straight to cocktail hour after the ceremony. To prevent this, ask a friend or two to help you round up your family for photos. After all, your photographer doesn’t know what your Aunt Mary looks like, so it’ll be pretty hard for them to find her. Or, have a friend or two to hand out cards to your family members before the ceremony that say something like, “please stick around after the ceremony for family photos!” Also, remember not to get too carried away with a long list of family photos. Of course, you can give your photographer a list of the really important ones, but you don’t want to waste the night away with a hundred and one photo combos. 

Coordinate Dinner Times

This one is important – make sure your photographer eats at the same time you do. And make sure your caterer knows to coordinate this. Sometimes the caterers will want to serve all the guests before the vendors, but as the bride and groom usually go first, if the photographer has to wait for all the guests, you’ll likely be done eating by the time they get to their meal. This means they either won’t be able to eat or they might miss photographing another event like cutting the cake, speeches, etc. Hands down, the best time for them to eat is when you’re also eating.

Compile a List of Vendors

Last but not least, give them a list of all your vendors. That way, when they post photos from your wedding day, they can give credit to your planner, florist, etc. This is also super helpful if their photos from your wedding day get published – your photographer won’t have to reach back out months after the wedding day to try and figure out the rest of your vendors.

Doing these simple things can really help out your wedding photographer. And, they’re all simple enough, so why not?! We know you want insta-worthy photos and this way you can help your photographer out by making their job a little easier. It’s a win-win! 

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7 Ways To Help Your Wedding Photographer | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
7 Ways To Help Your Wedding Photographer | Texoma Bride Guide Blog

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