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Digital Or Printed Wedding Invitations

Should your wedding invitations be digital or printed? That depends on a few things- your wedding style, budget, and time frame. Let’s break it down. 

Printed Invitations 

Printed invitations are the standard choice, and should definitely be used if you’re having a formal or black tie wedding. The wedding invitation gives the first impression of what your wedding will be like. It would be contradictory for a digital invitation to list a formal dress code when an electronic invitation is very casual. 

If you’re concerned about your budget, large chain stores like Walmart offer affordable options that are still beautiful. As an added bonus, their turn around time is usually quicker as well!

The downsides of printed invitations compared to digital invitations are that they are more time consuming and expensive. While you can definitely find affordable options, keep in mind prices for postage stamps, especially if your invitation suite requires extra postage because of the weight. You will also need to plan your printed wedding invitations well in advance so that you can make revisions if necessary, take the time to address them (or pay for this service as well), and get them in the mail at least six to eight weeks before the wedding date. 

Digital Invitations

Digital wedding invitations haven’t always been considered as an option, but their popularity is definitely growing. It’s not hard to see why- they are super easy to set up and very budget friendly! In addition, if your wedding is right around the corner, digital invitations are they way to go and will save you tons of time. With a digital invite, your guests can RSVP online right away!

Digital invitations are a great choice for the environmentally friendly couple! If your guests are also eco-friendly, you can bet they will appreciate it as well. 

The major downfall of digital invitations is the delivery. You may not be able to guarantee that your guests actually receive their electronic invitation. Many people utilize spam folders, and there’s a chance your invite could end up there. There’s also your grandparents or older guests who may not use a computer or smartphone, or even have an email address. Speaking of email addresses, double check with your guests to make sure you have their correct, up to date email address. You may also want to give them a heads up that an e-vite is coming their way so they know to be on the look out for it! There are so many people that have about 9850923 unread emails. You’ll definitely have to work a little harder to make sure those people actually receive and read your invitation! 

When it comes down to it, if your budget allows, printed invitations are the safe, standard choice. If you do choose printed invitations, be sure to check out our wedding invitations guide! But if your wedding is going to be casual or very soon, don’t be afraid to go digital!