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Why You Need To Define Your Wedding Vision

Congratulations on your engagement! Before you jump into planning, budget discussions, and venue tours, take a couple days to enjoy this new status with your fiancé.  Bask in the memory of the proposal, share the good news with friend and family, and, if you’re like most newly engaged couples, buy up every wedding magazine you can get your hands on!

Once you finally start exploring your options and learning more about planning a wedding, you may become overwhelmed with all the choices you must make and the long list of things to do in the upcoming months. Don’t know where to start? The hardest step is always the first one.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and picture your dream wedding. Think about the time of the year, and the colors you see. Where are you? How many guests are there? Is it formal or casual? What are you and your fiancé wearing? You get the idea. These are the types of questions to ask yourself that will help you begin formulating your vision for your wedding.

Spend some time dreaming and gathering ideas. You don’t have to decide everything at once, so take your time. We encourage you to browse Pinterest and inspirational wedding magazines, but also search for sources of inspiration outside of the wedding industry such as your own interests and hobbies.

When you finally reach idea saturation, narrow your focus to a couple key ideas. Identify three things that must be at your wedding. Solidifying your wedding vision will help you have consistency between all the elements you will be adding along your wedding planning journey. You will have an idea of the color pallet you want to use, the flowers and décor for the spaces, and maybe even the stationery or other design elements.

P.S. Download your wedding planning vision worksheet right here!

Why You Need To Define Your Wedding Vision | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
Why You Need To Define Your Wedding Vision | Texoma Bride Guide Blog