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Cocktail Hour Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Are you and your future hubby doing a first look before the ceremony? If you’re not, you’ll need time after the ceremony to take all of your pictures. But, what the heck are your guests supposed to do?! Enjoy cocktail hour, of course! The cocktail hour doesn’t have to only consist of cocktails, though. There are lots of ways to spice it up! Here are our top picks for cocktail hour ideas your guests will love. 

Cocktail Bar

Okay, we know we said cocktail hours didn’t have to only consist of cocktails, but they should definitely be included! Have a bar or drink station set up and offer one (or more) of the following options:

  • Full open bar
  • Signature cocktails only
  • Beer flights (love!)
  • Frozen drinks (think hot, summertime wedding) Frozé, anyone?!

Yard Games

We love games as a way to entertain your guests during cocktail hour! This is especially perfect for an outdoor cocktail hour. Bonus, if kids are allowed at your wedding, they are instantly entertained! Bring out the cornhole, huge Jenga sets, yard checkers/chess, the list could go on! 

Live Music

Who doesn’t love live music? No one, that’s who. And your guests will especially love sippin’ on cocktails and swaying to the music while they eagerly await you and your hubby. Pro Tip: If you have guitarist, pianist, or other live musician booked for the ceremony, consider having them play during the cocktail hour as well! Your DJ can take over at the start of the reception.


Next up on the list – appetizers! Because, again, who doesn’t love food?! Think appetizer food stations: massive charcuterie boards, popcorn stations, salsa bars, etc. Or, hire servers to pass around gourmet appetizers on serving trays. If you’re having an outdoor wedding during the warm weather months, consider having ice cream, snow cone, or popsicle stations! Bonus points if the popsicles are alcoholic for the adults ????Think about it, when you’re at a party, where does everyone hang out? By the food! 

Arts and Crafts

Set up fun, interactive stations for the kiddos or the adults! Simple coloring or bubble stations will work for the kids. For the adults, a make your own bouquet or flower crown station is a really fun idea! 

Photo Booth

The next option is a classic – set up a photo booth! Wedding guests love a good photo booth, especially with lots of fun props. Plus, it’s a bonus for you, too! You get tons of photos of moments you weren’t able to witness and your guests get to have a good time. We love the new trend of photo booth vans that are popping up everywhere as well!

Fire Pits

Give your guests a fun place to hang out with multiple fire pit set-ups! We love this idea for fall weddings. You could even add chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers to the set-ups for a cute s’mores station!

Don’t neglect cocktail hour just because you, your spouse, and the wedding party won’t be there! It’s a great opportunity to show your guests a good time. A good cocktail hour sets the stage for a great reception! 

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Cocktail Hour Ideas Your Guests Will Love | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
Cocktail Hour Ideas Your Guests Will Love | Texoma Bride Guide Blog

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