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Our 3 Favorite Cake Topper Ideas

What’s the best part of attending a wedding? Some would say the open bar, some would say the dancing, but for all the sweet tooths out there, they would say the cake takes the cake! (See what we did there?) And while you absolutely want your cake to be delicious, it also needs to be pretty! This is where cake toppers come in, as the cherry-on-top way to make your cake unique, pretty, and representative of the two of you as a couple. Let’s take a look at three of our favorite cake topper ideas.

Traditional Figurine Cake Topper

Keep it traditional and find a bride and groom figurine to add to the top of your cake. They come in all shapes and sizes and can even include fun additions like a cute pose, your fur baby, or even customized with what sport or hobby you’re into! You can also get these personalized to look like the two of you, including wedding colors, flowers, dress style, and all!

Word Cutout Cake Topper

Adding a fun phrase or your future last name to the top of your cake is a super popular choice right now! Some of our favorite phrases are: Best Day Ever, At Last, Mr. and Mrs., Let the Adventure Begin, and Foreva eva. To add to the phrase, some also include shape cutouts like a bride and groom or a wedding ring. If you’re a girl who loves all things monogram, you could also use your wedding monogram as your cake topper! There are lots of different materials you can use for this type of topper. Commonly, these come in wood, paper, or plastic in all colors, stains, and patterns. The possibilities are truly endless with this option and we love it!

Floral Cake Topper

Florals and greenery are a beautiful and simple way to top your wedding cake. Coordinate with your florist and baker to get edible flowers that look just like your bouquet. You can also use real florals on your cake that are exactly the same as your bouquet and other floral arrangements! If you’re using any succulents in your floral arrangements, we love a good cactus cake topper – so fun and trendy right now! Your florals aren’t just for your topper though. You can certainly do it that way, but another option is to have the florals cascading down the cake as well; so dreamy! Or, place them in between the tiers of your cake. You really can’t go wrong; there’s no such thing as too many flowers!

No matter what you choose as your wedding cake topper, know that this is the perfect way to include your wedding colors and vibes in the design of the cake. Or, even a little bit of what makes you and your fiancé unique. Check out our incredible wedding cake vendors here. And, make sure you’re following us on Instagram for beautiful wedding inspiration and planning tips. 

Our 3 Favorite Cake Topper Ideas | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
Our 3 Favorite Cake Topper Ideas | Texoma Bride Guide Blog