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Attending a Bridal Show

Attending a bridal show  or wedding fairs can be a fun, effective, and convenient way to shop and compare a large number of local wedding services in a short amount of time. It would take months to schedule appointments and meet with all the businesses that you meet in a couple of hours at a wedding show. It is also an opportunity to gather ideas, inspirations, and advice for your special day. All the vendors you meet have worked hard on their booths and presentation materials. They are just as excited to meet you as you are to meet them. And who knows, you may find something you need or someone who can save you money. If you have the opportunity to attend one, we highly recommend adding a bridal show to your wedding planning process.

How to Prepare

Proper preparation is the best way to get the most out of any bridal event you attend. Make a list of services you’re looking for, pre-register for the event, most shows provide attendees with bags for all the information you collect but you may want a backup, and wear comfortable clothes and shoes – you’re going to be on your feet! Gather up members of your bridal party and invite them along. Some brides even bring along their groom to help make decisions about wedding services such as invitations and flowers. Some shows offer “manly” wedding services such as tuxedos, djs, and honeymoon planning.

Meeting with Vendors

When you attend the show, you can expect to meet many vendors. Each of those vendors will want to collect your contact information. Many couples create an email address just for their wedding. This makes it easier to collect all the information coming in from vendors in one central location and not clutter up your personal inboxes. You can pre-print address stickers with your name, your future spouse’s name, wedding date and contact information to pass out to the vendors you meet. This a total time saver,  and a lot easier than writing this information down over and over again! Don’t feel like you have to give out our contact information to every vendor you talk to though. Be polite to vendors when you pass on their services, and keep in mind that you’re here to find vendors that will help make your dream wedding happen!

The Texoma Bride Guide is proud to produce the Texoma Wedding Expo, a twice a year show that focuses on bringing toghether the top wedding professionals in the Texoma area and couples who are planning the day of their dreams.

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