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Announcing Your Engagement On Social Media

OMG! You got engaged! About time! 

Kidding. But seriously, getting engaged to the love of your life is exciting! You want to shout it from the roof tops and tell the whole world, aka immediately post on Instagram and all your other social media channels. While you should absolutely announce your engagement on social media, there are some things that are not meant for the internet, no matter how excited you are.

A Million Photos

It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of being engaged, but try not to go overboard on the amount of photos you post. Most people have neither the time nor desire to click through tons of engagement photos. It’s hard to resist posting them all, especially if your new fiancé hired a photographer (props to your future hubs!), but tone it down a little and only post a couple of your favorites. 

A Close -Up of the Ring

Okay, okay, we know you want to show off your new bling, but…. don’t! Obviously the ring will be in the picture, but it doesn’t need to be the focus. Getting engaged is about committing to your fiancé forever! Getting engaged is NOT about the diamond. We’d hate for anyone to think you’re more excited about the ring than your future hubby!

The Number of Carats

Don’t. Just Don’t. 

Celebrating with Future Guests

Our guess is you’re not inviting every single one of your Facebook friends or Instagram followers to your wedding. If we are correct, then it’s probably best not to gush too much about your excitement for your upcoming wedding. This will help avoid dealing with those awkward comments like “Can’t wait!” from someone you’re totally not inviting. 

Any Announcement Post Before Telling Family

Slow your roll. That Facebook/Instagram/Twitter post can absolutely wait until AFTER you’ve had the chance to tell your close family and friends the big news. Preferably, you’re able to tell them in person, but if not, at least take the time to make a phone call to the important people in your life. They will appreciate it, and you won’t have to explain yourself publicly via social media comment. 

Ceremony Dates and Details

Again, you want to avoid any uncomfortable “I haven’t gotten my invitation yet…” comments. Speaking of invitations, dates and details are what invitations are for! No need to also post on social media. One other thing, posting the details of your wedding ceremony online can lead to unexpected and unwanted guests. Save that info for the people you truly want to celebrate with. 

It’s a good thing to be super pumped about getting engaged! Or else, why would you say yes? It’s also okay to be excited about your ring, but at the end of the day what matters is that your marrying your best friend. When announcing your engagement on social media, keep it classy. If you’re having to question whether or not it’s okay to post something, you probably already know the answer. And if not, check the list!