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7 Benefits Of A Weekday Wedding

When you think of a typical wedding, you probably picture it taking place on a Saturday. But what if we told you that you can absolutely get married on a weekday? In fact, you probably should get married on a weekday! Sounds crazy, we know. But it’s 2020, and tradition is flying out the window. With that said, we’re here to give you 7 benefits of a weekday wedding.


The biggest (and best!) benefit of having a weekday wedding is the amount of money that you save! For the bride and groom (or whoever is paying for the wedding) you’ll save major bucks on things like your venue and your wedding vendors. Their weekday rates, especially venues, will be much lower than their normal weekend rates. Plus, to be competitive, they are much more likely to throw in complimentary add-ons or additional discounts during the week when they’re not as in demand. In addition, your guests will save money too! Basically, everything is cheaper during the week. Flights, hotels, car rentals, etc. Although they’ll probably have to take off work, the benefit is that they’ll spend significantly less than they would on the weekend.


You’re no longer limited to a Saturday date – wahoo! With a weekday wedding, you can choose any date that’s meaningful to you. If the day you met happens to fall on a Tuesday, go ahead and choose that day for your wedding! The sentimental meaning behind your date will be something you always remember and cherish. In addition, you have a lot more available dates to choose from vs. weekend dates.


By choosing a weekday for your wedding, your options multiply when it comes to date, venue, vendors, and so on. Most wedding vendors are booked solid for weekend dates months or even years in advance, but not weekdays! Your dream vendors are suddenly available when you make the switch from Saturday to say, Tuesday. This can be especially helpful if you’re having a short engagement and your wedding day is only months away.

Extended Wedding

For this benefit, we’re talking specifically about Thursday weddings. With a Saturday wedding, your guests typically have to pack up and leave on Sunday. The wedding night goes by so fast and a lot of times you’re left feeling like you didn’t get much time with anyone. But by having your wedding on a Thursday, or even Friday, your guests can extend their stay into the weekend giving you more time to spend with them and celebrate! Think day-after brunch followed by lounging by the pool…. Ahhhh.


Having your wedding during the week can make the experience feel much more exclusive. This is mainly because there are fewer people out and about during the week. Hotels are much emptier, making your guests feel like they have the entire place to themselves. This is great for those weddings that extend into the weekend – it will feel like a private wedding retreat for you and your loved ones!

In addition, your wedding photos can seriously benefit from this. For one, if you’re wanting wedding photos in a swoon-worthy spot or iconic location in your city, those places are much more crowded during the weekend. You’ll end up having to fight for your spot and only have a limited time to take photos. Comparatively, you could have the place to yourself during the week! You also may be able to afford your dream photographer’s weekday rates, whereas their normal rates would’ve been out of your price range.

Customer Service

As far as vendors and venues go, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get better customer service with a weekday wedding. With a typical weekend wedding, vendors are spread quite thin trying to accommodate multiple weddings per weekend. It’s a safe bet that during the week, they’ll be able to devote all their attention to your wedding. Plus, they’ll probably have their full (and best) staff members on hand instead of spreading everyone out on the weekend.

Intimate Guest List

Truthfully, you may encounter more “No” RSVP’s by having a weekday wedding. That’s not always a bad thing though; it could be a perfect way to organically trim down the guest list! Plus, with a smaller number of guests, your wedding will have an intimate feel that’s hard to come by with traditional weekend weddings. And really, who doesn’t love an opportunity to skip work for a day or two?!

There’s no denying the benefits of a weekday wedding. Are you convinced yet? We know we are – better service, lower cost, and more exclusive?! Yes, please!

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7 Benefits Of A Weekday Wedding | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
7 Benefits Of A Weekday Wedding | Texoma Bride Guide Blog

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