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6 Tips for Getting Everyone to RSVP

We all know how difficult the ones we love can be at times. However, if you want everyone who is important to be at your big day, you’ll need to know how to deal with every type of friend and relative. Getting the RSVPs is a task that may seem like pulling teeth, but if you go about it the right way, you’ll be able to celebrate with all your loved ones.

On the invitation, you should be specific about the RSVP. Let guests know exactly where to RSVP, and when they should do it by. If you’re planning on having RSVPs returned in the mail, remember to include an additional envelope that already has your address on it. If you’re asking your guests to RSVP on your wedding website, include the URL on the invitation. Next to the URL, or on your paper RSVP card, include a date by which they should RSVP. This sets a strict deadline for all those procrastinators!

A good way for everyone to feel included is to give options for the manner in which they can RSVP. Your college best friend might feel more comfortable texting or calling you to let you know she’s coming, but your great aunt will likely prefer mailing in her RSVP.

Once the RSVPs start to arrive, have a designated location for them to be recorded in. You can use an app or the tried-and-true spreadsheet, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure that you keep all RSVPs in the same place, and that you record an RSVP as soon as it comes in. You probably have a lot on your plate, and misplacing or forgetting RSVPs would be bad.

If you’re receiving RSVPs in the mail, subtly number the back of them in pencil before you send them out. Assign a number to a person or family, so that in case someone forgets to write their name on the card, which they often will, you’ll still know who has RSVP’d and who hasn’t.

There will be the inevitable few who forget to RSVP. It happens to every bride, and it’s nothing to worry about. A simple email to remind your loved ones that the RSVP deadline is coming up is a good idea, and will get you a few more RSVPs. Whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute to start calling people up. Set up some reminders on your phone so that you can plan ahead and have plenty of time to make any necessary guest list changes.

Of course, you can’t plan for everything that’s going to happen. It’s a good idea to build in a little bit of a grace period for unexpected events. Some might call in to say that they had a change in schedule and to ask if they can still come, and some might have a conflict pop up and have to cancel. Accept these changes as best you can, and remember that you invited everyone on the list for a reason!