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6 Reasons You Should Have A Winter Wedding

Yes, you read that title correctly. Wedding season may be from late spring to early fall, but we’re here to give you 6 reasons why you should have a winter wedding. Warning: we can’t promise you won’t want to reschedule your wedding after reading!

Budget Friendly

Winter weddings are a much more budget-friendly option than a wedding smack dab in the middle of wedding season. Your venue’s winter rates will probably be significantly less than their summer rates. (And maybe even some of your other vendor’s rates as well!) Plus, you’ll have more choices for dates as venues don’t book up as quickly in the winter! Your guests will also benefit financially from a winter wedding; off-season travel and accommodation is much cheaper. Score!

No Sweat

If you’re getting married in the south, no matter what month it is, there’s the risk of a major heat wave. Trust us when we say, your guests don’t want to sweat through your ceremony. And neither do you! Or your full-suit-wearing groom. You’re paying good money for your hair and makeup to be perfect; you don’t want your makeup melting off or your hair to fall because of the humidity!

Less Stress

Outdoor weddings are almost standard at this point – they have become super popular in the last few years. However, most brides wake up super stressed and nervous about the weather on their wedding day. Mother Nature has a mind of her own, and she might just rain on your parade, literally. But, on the flip side, having a winter wedding means having and indoor wedding where everything is already planned out and there’s no need for backup plans. And that means less stress for you and your team of vendors!

It’s Different

Again, outdoor summer/spring/fall weddings are all the rage right now. By having a winter wedding, your’s will stand out and be different from the rest! The decor, colors, venue, everything will probably be drastically different than what your guests are used to. Also, you can add in fun holiday elements like hot chocolate, hot cider, christmas/new years decor, whatever you’d like!

Beautiful Photos

Just because you’re having an indoor ceremony and reception, doesn’t mean you and your new hubby can’t venture outside for some epic winter white photos! Imagine fresh snow with a jaw-dropping mountainous background… literally to die for! 

Get as Formal As You Want

If you envision a black tie affair for your wedding, a winter wedding is the perfect time to have it! Super formal weddings just aren’t as convenient in the summer; no one wants to be wearing a full tuxedo and a long gown in the dead of summer. But in the winter, people will love the opportunity to get dressed up! Plus, you get the chance to wear a bridal fur jacket/wrap – so chic!

Alright – are you convinced?! Winter weddings are unique, classy, different, and exciting! We can’t wait to attend them in the winters to come!

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6 Reasons You Should Have A Winter Wedding | Texoma Bride Guide Blog
6 Reasons You Should Have A Winter Wedding | Texoma Bride Guide Blog